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Listening to here now President Trump's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort is going to trial in the first. Test of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation gathered documentation on Manafort Data and documentation Going able to gather on President Trump what Manafort trial means for the president is afternoon on all things considered from NPR news I'm Lisa Mullins. Fire crews in northern California are making. Gains on to more wildfires that are tearing through brush hills near some ten thousand homes the fire straddle Mendocino and lake counties. Meanwhile firefighters from across the country are being sent to California to help crew stretched to the limit as they battled seventeen wildfires the highest ranking American at the Vatican insists he never knew or even. Suspected that his former boss had legibly sexually abused boys and adult seminarians Colonel Kevin Farrell till the Associated Press that, he's livid he was kept in the dark because he said, he could, have done something about the reported. Misconduct of x. cardinal Theodore McCarrick and President Trump is calling the conservative coke, brothers a quote total joke in real Republican circles his comments follow. An announcement that the. Political network created by the billionaire industrialist Charles and David Koch will not help Senate candidate in North Dakota you're listening to here now On the next fresh air you want a husband will take a, bullet for you not one who points to the attic and, says they're, up there Tony shalhoub has been. Nominated for an EMMY for his performance in the Amazon comedy series the marvelous, MRs Mazel shalhoub also starred in the TV series.

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