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And And it gets so loud That you. Know I I don't know it's my ears have been ringing for like the last yesterday. And there's still wringing today the set list was great. From, the really good music yeah whoever was in charge of of the. Playlist did a great job so we've got some more to talk about. In regards to the rally also we're going to talk to Laura Riley food. Critic for Tampa Bay, times we've got comedian Dan it's going to. Be in studio later on so we've got a ton to get you here on. Am Tampa Bay right now let's get a check, on traffic with Ron Stevens From train traffic center powered. By Burgess heating and air what looks like a forties. Remain, on for the accident penelas northbound onto seventy-five near Roosevelt boulevard but. There's no real delays associated with this crash you're looking good coming across. A Howard Franklin bridge into Hillsborough county and once you're off the bridge to. Seventy five clear into, downtown Tampa no delays northbound or southbound seventy. Five and you're moving well on I four no delays on the veterans and it's. Clear on the Salman Springer NewsRadio nine seventy WFL L. a. now transmitting, to south Tampa on FM one zero two point nine FM We have a lot of local stories to get to this morning we're going to have. An update on, the Clearwater. Stand your ground case that we will tell, you about also this Raymond James story I know this interest you in particular Aaron outrageous, outrageous outrageous Moakler I just like I understand like when people go. To a football game they want to enjoy a smoke here in there after a drink we gotta step. Through exactly so, you can't. You can't smoke anywhere on the grounds of, Raymond James anyway Sins are anything what about. Outside the stay outside the stadium. You can right I would hope in the, parking lot come up to me and you know and friends while. We're partying because you. Know. The the little. Vaporizer pens the e cigarettes can't even have those in there Those sometimes the puffs, of smoke that come from those whatever it is Lot of lies I it's it's. It's insane it looks ridiculous to me I'm not even sad about that but like sometimes, I'll think someone has a rice Krispy treat. And get around the corner and it's just a giant, cloud of life To. Me it's less about it impacting me in any way I just think it looks stupid, when it's this giants puff of what is Those crazy Researches. Those. Obnoxious okay those aren't the ones I'm talking. About, cigarettes yeah the things people use to get off. The cigarettes a. Believe me I understand the smell of cigarette is gross for some people if you're used, to it if you're going out to an event where, people party you should have a section one segment section where somebody can go to don't go by. That section if you're not if you're not into the cloud, of smoke stay, the I I could see doing, a section maybe What, parking what are, you going to run and keep smoking But. No more they they put their. Foot down so we'll get we'll get to that story later. I wonder, if people are going to be annoyed about that What's to kneeling and not being able to smoke People drink beers in all seriousness when people, are drinking beers and? We'll get into this later, what do they do sometimes when they drink beer they have a smoke even together smoke Absolutely, it's like sex and smoking right absolutely To. Have. Sex Sandwich if you Jewish And watch TV. The trifecta altogether We also have no you who's gonna join. Us in the seven o'clock hour there's this USF football stadium study USF plays. Their games at Raymond James stadium there's been a lot of talk to maybe USF. Will have their own stadium soon doesn't sound like that's going to be the case at least for for quite a while Look I I think the Ray j. part is fine my question to Noah was and he didn't have a great answer because we had him on about this on PM Tampa Bay earlier in the week was what is the transportation. Situation like because one of the things? That came up is that sometimes Raymond James stadium isn't as filled up as they'd like it to be? Because a lot, of students at USF, can get there and USF is becoming more of a campus where people live. On campus some people from out of state than on the car so what. Is the shuttle transportation situation could that help get more people from the campus to. The game days to bolster the attendance on campus so you know around the surrounding parts Apartments that's what I did, when I went to USF was I lived off campus, on apartments right around, right around the university so so if you're going to keep. It at Raymond James stadium and you want to. Get more people there is that a way that you. Could improve things untold eventually they do get. A, stadium on campus maybe a little but like it's more the inconvenience, of having, to go from Fowler wherever I never that inconvenient when, I went there we? Went to, all the games it wasn't that big of a deal but. I, but I could see if there are ways. Where you can shuttle more people there quickly and easily than maybe that could help a little bit you never gonna fill up Raymond James stadium at a US football game or the? Kids? Could just wake up from their dorms walk down the street put, on a pair of crocs and go to the game let's let's take it one step at a time let's make it easy as possible for these college students that's what we're trying to do coming up next we'll cover some of the top stories. Of the day right now news channel? Eight meteorologists Lee span joins us with today's forecast Lee what can we expect you know small rain chance? This morning mainly along the coast and I hesitated to put the rain chance back at fifty, percent but I went, ahead because there's still plenty of moisture rally thought it would. Be a little bit lower today but so put. The rain chance back at fifty percent there will be. Some scattered downpours through the afternoon but I. Really, believe that starting tomorrow we transition and today a much drier and, much hotter, weekend ahead but today still fifty percent range and now, we're going to hold? You to, that hotter and drier weekend we'll talk to you tomorrow Thank sleep and right now it's time for an update. On today's the latest headlines with Chris trank men in our nine seventy, w. f. l. a. newsroom, vice President Mike Pence is welcoming, back the remains of American troops killed in the Korean war in a speech at a ceremony, in Honolulu pants remarked that, the Korean war is called the forgotten war but those who. Died in the conflict are never forgotten, President Trump tweeted a thank you to North Korean dictator Kim Jong UN more democratic voters are making up their minds ahead of the primary and the governor's race. And that's good news for the only female candidate Opole shows former congresswoman Gwen Graham in the lead the poll, from Saint Pete polls dot org chose Graham with a. Seven point lead over Jeff green with former Miami, Beach mayor Philip LeVine in third place but the number of undecided voters is down about sixteen percent since. The last poll two weeks ago. Oscar nominee Margot Robbie is considering joining Academy Award winners Charlie's the're on. And Nicole Kidman in an An untitled movie about the Fox News sexual harassment scandal a Hollywood reporter says Kidman will portray Gretchen Carlson and, the're on will play Megan. Kelly I'm Chris tranquil on NewsRadio nine seventy WFL a now let's check sports from the six twenty WD sportscenter on their Jacobson rookie willia- done is homered and, drove in two runs to lead the race to a. Seven two two win yesterday over the LA angels the, two teams, will wrap up their series this afternoon at the Trump first pitch at one ten Ohio State. Head football coach urban Meyer was placed on paid administrative leave yesterday as, the school announced it's investigating, Courtney Smith's claims that several people, close to the coach knew of two thousand fifteen allegation of domestic violence against her ex husband, that would be former Ohio, State assistant football coach Zac Smith he was fired in July. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have given general, manager Jason light a one year contract extension that will keep them with the team or.

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