Eddie Murphy, 57, Expecting His 10th Child


Eddie, Murphy's families now getting bigger oh. My gosh, Beverly Hills cop star who's now fifty seven years old my gosh how, that happened is expecting his tenth child as his partner. Page butcher, debuted or, baby bomb, while in Los Angeles this month Eddie Murphy longtime girlfriend page butcher pleased to announce that they're expecting their second, child in December according, to a rep for burpee Murphy's eldest son. Eric is nearing, thirty but don't call any of the comedians children, old Murphy jokes. Twenty sixteen entertainment tonight that his children were grown but not owned Eric was born. To Murphy and then girlfriend Paulette McNeely in nineteen eighty nine Murphy second child son Christian was. Born to. Ex-girlfriend tamra hood, back, in nineteen ninety five. With Nicole that's right Bria Myles Shane Zola Bella those the kids I know. And I knew them what Bella, was still. Breastfeeding on the coal and now I think she's Seventeen and he. Has an eleven year old Melby yeah angel and you believe that so the. Murphy clans getting bigger wow Ten kids how many moms for something like that one two three five five moms they're going. To have to be more crimes. That need to be solved in Beverly Hills for him to pay for all these kids five different moms didn't realize that, I didn't. Even know he had, older, kids, when, I, was, with, Nicole hanging out. With the coal and I, had. No no idea so he has one two. Three, four five yeah five five. Different moms that's a lot of. Headaches Kidding right back to school night for Eddie Murphy it's easy, he's got. Moms and he's got, help, I've, been, to, his, house, I didn't have. To worry about all that Accessing your life that's a lot to

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