Papa John's Schnatter making new claims of company corruption


The drama meter is pegged when it comes to Papa John's pizza John Schneider claims that CEO. Stevie, Richie of accessing confidential information from, Schneider's computer files? To a pair of unnamed company underlings who were having. A fairy says Just keeps getting just, keeps, getting better, than, the CEO Steve Ritchie replies once again John is making untrue. Disparaging statements and self-serving attempt, to distract from the damaging impact his own words. And actions have had, on the company and stakeholders he. Really was to be on that pizza box does he. I mean what we say about a women's skirts SCO billionaire scorned. Yeah lookout cages, bus. And billboards to put your face on it on that note. Since we we've been talking about Rick. Pitino and John Schneider in the same light there's sort. Of the same person they don't can't figure out just we earn people's respect that's all you gotta do man at burn everything. To the

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