Lava from Kilauea 'collapse explosion' destroys Hawaii structures



The Kobo morning news Frank Lenzi is at the editor's desk Republican US Senator Marco Rubio is asking congress to pass his bipartisan measure called deter, and stands, for defending elections from threats spy establishing red lines and the sanctions so which will immediately go into effect, if investigators. Russia interferes with the elections in the future President Trump is now admitting publicly that he accepts the US intelligence assessment that, there was Russian interference in the two thousand sixteen presidential election Trump is doing damage control after his. Controversial summit with Russian leader Vladimir Putin at which Trump said he didn't see any reason why it would be Russia meddling in the election yesterday Trump. Said he meant to say there's no reason why it wouldn't be Russia we're hearing what it was. Like for the people on board that Hawaiian tour boats that was hit by a lava Mom this week This morning the coast guard investigating that hellish explosion that injured nearly to stop the coast to the big island Glow shooting call candy, folders raining fiery rocks Donald Trump, lava sightseeing boat packed with tourists they hit the boat crashed through the roof landed on the person Surgeon and his wife Donna former trauma nurse sprang to action after, almost two dozen, people were, injured including their, son and a. Woman with a shattered hip we just sorta, stabilized her hip with Life preservers and covered her so she wasn't going into shop where would this compare with what, you've seen over the course. Of your career I've seen a lot of. Things this was just crazy the coastguard now trying to. Figure out at the captain whit too close to the lava flow crossing a, safety zone momentarily still holding the rock that burned her. Back choosing decide questions about the captain Capstone that were Huckabee?.

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