Terrell Owens skips HOF ceremony, eyes CFL


No and king or your wife did yeah we were sitting around trying to think of a name. For like about three weeks after I signed with NBC and every name somebody. Hated we've thought of two hundred names and one day and. King says hey isn't the Sunday night In called football night in America why don't you call your, column, football morning in America And I said. To myself Sam flood is going to like that name We're going to get some agreement on that one right. There I think king deserves a little cut of the KYW due, to I think she gets a little cut All right the topic. Right now in the NFL was what Oh look out We got a spill and I'll six-year. Bill the, topic I, mean I guess unfortunately is Terrel Owens or. Levy on Bill let me start. With, Sarah head Do we know what his gripe is I assume I mean look I I'm assuming that it's the I got into my third year and the way I look at that basically is. That two thirds of the three hundred and some odd people who were? In. The pro football hall of fame got in after? Their first year of eligibility does? That, make Harry Carson and Ron Yeary and Lynn Swann and, Fran tarkenton does that make them less hall of, fame deserving does that make their bus. Different no it's just the silliest controversy in hall of. Fame history, but it's, a controversy so we must address it but. Also this is what he wants I mean Yeah if he went there and, just said thank, you ungrateful and it's great to. Join these these fellow hall. Of famers You know there's there's no I was out in, Tahoe last week that golf tournament. Aaron Rodgers out there but was out, having a drink with a bunch of older guys like people of? Peter king's, generation and one of them said to me does he have any idea. How for the, rest of his life I mean, he's going to be able to make money off the hall of fame now if he this is, the hall of fame is he going. To be able to make money off the hall of fame and this was a this. Was a, very well respected person and so you know the? Hall? Of fame sort. Of shuffles, business hall of famers ways I mean are they, going to do that with Tarallo wins now I don't know it's I that's, not the. Biggest reason or the biggest anything but it just strikes? Me, that he's cutting off his nose despite, his face but, whatever should he have been a. First ballot hall of Famer I mean I've supported him all along I didn't think it was some, grave injustice because I do think there were some things against him Nobody. Wants to hear this but he was a third of a teammate that's all there is to it And he dropped the ball a lot particularly later in his career. I in my. Opinion though without any question he deserves to be in the pro football hall of fame I, supported him I'm glad he's in and I could? Care less whether he's in canton or not in Kim, do we view Randy moss differently than we do. And I think we do because Randy moss. To me I look at Randy moss is a singular, player I don't look at Tarallo Enzi singular player I think Randy. Moss was such an incredible, deep thread so incredibly great stretching the field and dominating games with his speed And his hands deep downfield. He had great hands I I mean I. Look at Randy moss is being fifteen percent better player, whatever the number save and tear allowance also he's grown up yeah Yeah he has Randy moss who's really has yeah yeah he's shirt. And now Tara loans wants to still make a comeback in the CFL I read I just read that this morning on my way up here in teaches own if he wants to do it I will say, this few years, ago when, I. Was running the QB we had CFL week and I went up to two games in the NFL and I met like three. Or four, coaches had long conversation John health, Nagel remember him yeah he was a either a coach or, GM of the stampede IRS state Penn State. Guy anyway as the. Former giants quarterback coach. But anyway they all all these coaches say all these guys come up from. The US and they say..

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