Bobby Seale, Bill Ayers & Bernardine Dohrn on Police Repression, Fred Hampton Murder & Prison Strike


Sir. This is democracy. Now democracy now or the warrant piece report. I'm Amy Goodman with one gun solace with part two of today's edition of fifty years ago that right fifty years ago this week, the nineteen sixty eight democratic national convention in Chicago became a national spectacle as a major political event turned into chaos that culminated with a police riot, much of it unfolding on live national television. While Hubert Humphrey was nominated as the democratic candidate in nineteen sixty eight inside despite the fact he didn't run in any primaries outside was where the news was where police were clubbing teargassing thousands of protesters. For more. We continue our interviews with Bobby Seale founding chairman, Black Panther party was in the protests at the beginning in Chicago. Bill Ayers was arrested on August twenty seven fifty years ago and Bernardine Dohrn both Bernardine and Bill longtime activists for peace and racial Justice, former SDS that students for a democratic society and whether underground members. I mean, he Goodman with Juan Gonzalez one? Yes. Yes. With Bobby Seale again to follow up a Bobby on the conversation. We were having that the end of our previous segment when you were talking about how once Richard Nixon was elected president, he ordered. His aides to begin immediate eradication of the Black Panther party. One of the interesting things that most people are not aware of is that years later report came out in the New York Times that the f. b. i. had conducted a CPR secret poll among black Americans and found that more than twenty five percent of African Americans were supporters of the Black Panther party felt that the Black Panther party was fighting. Their interest is significant portion of the America of the African American population of this country was supportive of of your revolutionary organization. And yet as you were saying Nixon immediately ordered that you be crushed, could you talk about what happened in that first few years of the Nixon administration to the panther party. Exactly the year of nineteen sixty nine is the year. Now, remember I said he had a meeting with j. Edgar Hoover and Jade ago who were in the December the first week of December stated nationally on television that we were threat to the internal, the blackout, the party is a threat to the internal security of America. Come come. What was February seventeenth seventeenth. John a buddy Carter and John Huggins will murdered at UCLA. They were the leaders of the black path to party and loss Angeles California now. But she Carter really had gotten out of his gang group. 'cause he, he ran a three thousand member gang and he created a political organization call wretched of the earth delay to become and he later became rub. They headed up to southern California chapter the black part in the Los Angeles community. Eric, the what I'm trying to say here is that. That was the first attack on the part of the power structure using the us organization, etcetera. In a conflict situation to kill and murder. The leaders of the Los Angeles chapter, the blackout, the party do that process in the next three or four months. They attack more than twenty two offices I'm talking about in Indiana. I'm talking about the, they blew up the office and demands. I will literally got the crew Clinton of blew up that blow up that building. And I'm telling you. In San Diego brother. Bell was opening up to San Diego office at eight AM in the morning, and the police and FBI came jumped out of cars and came into place and shot him dead killing murdering. So I'm just says that period of tacking by the end of that year with the murder of Fred Hampton and then the shootout in Los Angeles, four days later after that cetera I have in my organization, I had twenty eight dead blackout to party members sixty nine wounded and defending ourselves. We defended ourselves and many of these attacks. By the end of that year, fourteen police were kill because we shot back when they came in shooting in us. We did not play. We shot back

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