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Annual address until the government shutdown is over citing security concerns. House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy said that was just an excuse. It didn't matter that we were shutdown that we could actually swear in congress inside those chambers, we should give the same respect to the office of the presidency. The original date for the address was January twenty ninth. The White House is preparing to versions of the speech one for delivery in the chamber and one four rally style event. What? Yeah, he's gonna do it. He is he is a rally style event. Maybe he's taking up. My suggestion going down to mcallen is somewhere and just rocking it on the fence. What fans the feds were build in gentleman. Jed. And then either that happens. I don't know. Apparently, he sent a letter to Nancy say, I look forward to seeing you next. It's going to be great. We have a lot of fun. Oh, it's going to be. And now everybody's saying. He's daring Nancy to say. No. I think that'd be hilarious. Nah. We don't want here. Then he goes somewhere else. But then what happens is the political tit for tat because much like what I've seen with the Republicans, and the Democrats is it's kind of like the mob where you take out one of ours or you go nuclear on something somewhere down the line. We will remember you. And we will do it to you. And that's what will probably happen. I don't know what's going to take place. But I do know they're going to vote tomorrow on something what it is. I'm not quite sure, but there's going to be at least two votes. So the first vote unless you do it my way, I'm keeping the government shutdown the Trump amendment. Our amendment opened up the government. And then let's talk which is just listening to Chuck Schumer right there. Our way your way or the highway even though you've offered us stuff on the other side. It's our way. And then we'll talk about what you want later. That's that's not. That's ridiculous. That is ridiculous. And by the way, for those of you who think well. Chuck this is it your everybody hostage. Nobody on your side wants any part of this. I'll tell you this right now. I talked to congress Weicker last night. And as we were talking he said, look, you know, what I have friends on the democratic side. And we have elevator conversations. He said this is when fellow. Members of the house get inside the elevator look around to see if there's any media in there. And then they both start, you know, they start talking, and they let down their walls, and they're like this is ridiculous. Of course, we've all voted for these things before. But now, we can't do it Steny Hoyer. Listen to what he has to say about that immoral wall. You yourself the open for wall funding. I think physical barriers are part of the solution. Tyranny..

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