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With need. Scott stein are guru on virtual and automated reality reality reality to welcome scott a thank you so i'm gonna reality or a are has been something that tech companies trying to make a thing for years and the best example that we still point to which is several years old now is pokemon go which really drew people into this world at least for this kind of gimmicky game. Where are we couple years since then. I know there's some folks are so played a very many as as during the peak was the state of aol. Right now transitional. You know. I feel like what we're looking at <hes>. We you know we had these the magic leap in all lens that we're talking about how that's all going to be coming soon. And it's not and those expensive multi thousand dollar headsets <unk>. ended up being slotted into business use. And you never see them in the real world the things you see our vr things. Even those are pretty rare and are kind of like a special treat that people get themselves so the air on phones has just been continuing to evolve and apple has been doing this all along. Google has a our tools <hes>. That are baked in. And i think what we're seeing now with with a are is a move to more practical things in the in the past. A i got to talk to to apple mike. Rockwall alexandra mcginnis and they're saying that the first goal was just get you to get it to exist in the world in two thousand seventeen so that was your whole like pokemon dinosaurs things that you know. Oh this magically appears it's cool by their latest focused similar. Google is to do something productive and whether that's helpful information or creative stuff. It's like two different pads on the lighter side. Apples made a big deal of lighter sensors on the iphone twelve pro on the ipad pro. Those are opening up into basically creative. Augmented reality yeah. Let's let's slow down for a second there. Let's talk about light art because light are really is the eastern referred to as one of the secret weapons. That apple has a to make a are thing but just for listeners. Who don't know what lighter is. Could you sort break it down for us. Yeah absolutely. I mean stuff like this has been around for a bunch of years of being following tack <hes>. Google tango. If you're if you're a technical you follow this stuff <hes>. Years ago had same idea where you would scan the world. It's shooting out. Little infrared dot dot array like like like the face. I d camera or the microsoft connect with that technology way. Back on the connect was shrunken down in one of the makers that was incorporated babble was a bob apple <hes>. So what it's doing sending out this like these little things. Is there a light pink measuring the space and you get like a dot matrix. A measurement of the space really fast and that meshes meshes is the term for creates a a basic map that space and instead of just saying oh. I recognize a floor. It's like throwing a blanket on the world where it's like. Oh i see where the chair comes up. I see where the walls are. I see where everything you know. And then that combines with things like computer vision which is like recognizing stuff like people you know where the camera like. Google does a stewart's like that's a person that's dog that's so it's a combination of those two things. That's what light are is. Helping do is mapping about five meters away from you see. I've seen this impractical cases where the aca <unk>. Use your phone to scan living room in the flyer. Central recognizes though. This is a couch. This is the floor is your tv and it'll not consistently put your whatever i hear. You can't pronounce names anyways. The whatever the cabinets and intellectually know that the cabinet will will slot in there in between your tv. Your couch how he said lighters been around for a while. It's just coming into these phones or death on twelve lineup. now we've had a offer while. I'm just curious. How like what does light are do. Now that like these phones couldn't do before. Yes so that's where like when i was mentioning the super weapon in the story. It's kind of double. It's double edged. Meeting one is that it's lighter. But i think apple's real secret weapon is scale so when i talked to developers it's like you go. Oh there's already bad here what's the deal. Well it's kinda like when you see a technology and you go will. It didn't feel like a got there until it got there. Like i feel like what apple is doing is the same idea but refined and pushed into a lot more devices so the iphone twelve pro and the ipad pro but much bigger footprint than google tango was on just two very fringy phones and but but what google in the other thing that track. Here you're right like what really does for a are is. It makes things speedier and better like it gets a ping on stuff faster but it's simultaneously happening with computer vision getting better at doing the same thing without that so google has been doing this with just cameras. Were vr headsets. Do this with four cameras and like they can approximate a lot of that really fast. So it's a dance between that and the more advanced sensors. That's get under the hood. But like i think just means it's faster and better recognizing the world but the second part that i think is interesting is this whole like three d. scanning movement that has been around for a while but is about creating three d objects that you can then share with other people that's getting more of a groundswell in is becoming less fringy and nerdy with every passing year. Interestingly enough to the we're talking about this on phones there's constant rumors. That apple is going to release a headset. At some point of. Do you think the future of a our lies it glasses or in our phones. I think it'll be both. And i think what what you know. Talking with adobe briefly about like their head of a are about what they're doing air creative tools a very interesting observation. He made where they haven't thinking for a while is that it's very hard to enter the ar vr space <unk>. Until it works with the stuff you already got all your apps like an oculus. Quest is a game console. it doesn't interact with like your phone apps. And so you wanna open like zumra wanted open document. It's a pain. You have to huggins so google apple. Google did this with daydream. Kind of but google and apple needs to approach having work with the phones and qualcomm is already laid this groundwork out. The qualcomm makes the chips in like all the air vera had set right now apple could be the other big competitor in that space. But what they've been talking about is plugging phones in headsets with usb c or wirelessly there already a few emerging anything that's wet provides the power but also like you say the app compatibility so i guess like we the reason i say yes and is like so your app on your phone could do a lot of it and then you plug in your headset like headphones for your eyes. And you're doing the rest of it. I think that extends it and then you think about apple that makes a lot of sense because like the apple watch it becomes another peripheral that makes sense in the sense. Like you're relying iphone is really the brains of the muscle powering experiences but ultimately you view it on your headset or your watch or whatever that doesn't require heavy lifting isn't required you don't necessarily wanna processor heating up right by your exactly and that gets you to things like five g because like talking to developers about five john headsets. It's very slow. Get for that exact reason like qualcomm has has the roadmap for five g. Headsets but it adds a lot of battery drain. You got to build more of a thing on your head <hes>. No one's really done it yet. But like you're five g phone powers that gets to all the five g. Ar in the cloud stuff. That like microsoft. Google apple. like everyone's going for that. So i think it makes a lotta sense that that would be the path and then like apples processors. Like we're seeing the mac book and the am one like they just keep getting more crazy powerful and you kind of say four. What but like a are is a very intense said a processes and so. That's the stuff that those those processors could drive a lot of that. And then you again. You're not sticking it on your head. Otherwise i don't know will make something. That's like sleek on your face. It'd be hard if you had to put all the stuff in there you talk about a are as a creative tool elaborate on this idea of what. What exactly can visiting with a are so like when i downloaded the first set of like light are unable apps. It really surprised me going back to the ipad pro in the spring. Like the first bunch of a our apps again. We're like pokemon go dinosaur you know dinosaur play game. A lot of these are three d scanners and they are. They're pretty alienating at first. 'cause you're like you bring it up and suddenly you wave it around and you're creating this measure of your room and then you get this like crazy kind of dollhouse three d. model. And if you've never done it before you might wonder where to start how you create this. Some of them look kind of broken. In an interesting way spoke to like one of the bigger repositories of three d objects stock like it. Sketch fab saying it takes them finessing to get there so like these things and that's the stuff that's happening now with lighter. It's not there are some like. Oh the games run better. You can have like a remote control car now your table and like the table blocks it right and it can like hit a wall or like a it could hit like a box like recognizes all the things in your world which is like air. Headsets are going to start doing. But i think it's the creative part. That's interesting whether it's like really scanning in creating tools. And then both adobe and apple have a our creative toolkits with reality composer ero where. They're trying to get people to do this too. So that's what i mean by that. But it's so interesting to me when i look at the iphone. How little of that is at the forefront of what you see on a daily basis like you would never be aware of it and that's the hard part to get on board like apples. Camera doesn't have three d. Scanning it just but it uses light are for focus like in the background so apple definitely hasn't like made it a main part of ios yet but it's in the background

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