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About it, but they still have two really good sentiment in Thomas hurdle and Logan couture. So if they decide to move, eckland, up and down the lineup, he is going to play with a really good set of men. And hurdle is somebody originally that I thought, man, you know what? It kind of stinks, losing, losing Timo Meyer, am I going to want to hold this guy? Like, who is he going to play with? It's the first couple of games that have a Timo Meyer. He didn't really have great linemates, and then they call up Ekland. You mentioned the three games averaging 19 minutes per game as the assist has 5 shots, had some shot attempts. We're going to play on the power play as a guy that's going to probably live in that 1819 minute range, whether it's with hurdle, or whether it's with good sure. So I love the call. I think he is another really great get in keeper leagues and dynasty leagues. That's what I mentioned off the top. If you're not going to make the playoffs, unfortunately, you can really get a guy like this if you weren't quick to the wave of wire to grab him. You know, maybe somebody up at the top of the standings has a loaded roster and they need help elsewhere. Maybe you can get a young player like this who is definitely going to have a significant role moving forward with this sandals as they shark seam. So absolutely love the call. Yeah, how earlier this year I had Jack Hahn in the podcast and he was talking about how something the sharks were doing was because of Eric Carlson's playing style and how aggressive it is. They were trying to match up his minutes with Thomas hurdles a lot because hurdles just like so reliable defensively and was sort of stepping back and basically being the last Mad Max. Sometimes when Carl said would dash up the ice and trying to sort of have their cake and eat it that too in that regard. And so if it is going to play with hurdle, that also means he's going to be on the ice with Carlson a lot. And we don't typically think about shared forward defenseman minutes, but in this case, with Carlson basically being a fourth forward you in an elite one at that, I love the idea of him sharing the ice with him because we know that Carlson is going to get him in the park in great areas to convert from. And so it's kind of a dream landing spot for him. So even if the 5 one 5 numbers or the goals here or anything doesn't look ideal, I think the scoring opportunities are going to be there. So I like him quite a bit. Okay, we have time for one more take care before we go to break. So I think it is your turn. I'll give you another just low key name and kind of the same sort of thing as opportunity on a team that's still they're fighting for a playoff spot and not as not like the sharks but the Nashville predators and Tommy Novak and Tommy Novak is just kind of been on my radar a little bit from a prop standpoint and a deep league of 14 team league and just looking at the remaining games laugh Nashville has the most games left. They have the second most games from a three week span depending on your format in a Yahoo league or ESP again setting, which is key.

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