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Know famously in new york city these two brothers others who were hoarders you're in that episode because i am i really you were on charles smith has been is the name someone called the police report is right guy that did that lightning in my i had you know i don't think as in the studio and i had left you guys as instruction yeah and it was like i didn't think he would use that new york but not to new york and i think you gave me some options that were more time with their way over the top i think i did i assumed he would not have used that and i went somewhere in the middle i used it okay oh yeah i'm not one to waste tape but they call your brothers became a these boogie men to kids in new york to which is really interesting outcome did these two guys who were hoard like famous borders and died in this department right then they die in there they did yeah it's very tragic but they became this like for new york kids you know be where like you're gonna become like the collier brothers yeah it's so strange again this like almost like viral moment the gets passed around by word of mouth in now when it's hard sometimes to separate the truth from fiction yeah there is eleven newspapers in new york than a high in the woods and things like that and even you know proper newspapers are always print all the facts quite right right so yeah i think there's really there's one book on the color but again it's my friends led's who is interviewed annapolis oh yeah yeah and a and he did a fantastic job i think trying to cut through the clutter in this is there is the things we now here's the long list of things that will never now right yeah what is your favorite episode when i'm working on now is is is a all kind of personal stuff it's my dad my best friend my wife and matt frederick are a one of a wonderful producer here who's also like a fish share at my wedding oh really oh i didn't know that a that is a great guy to get married to feel very low might get married to get married by anyway you slice it happy to have him yeah i'm very excited about that one but like i said it's in pieces right now they episode that just came out among day it'll be it'll be one day yeah yeah 'em it's called switchboard it's about the first a female soldiers have you es army were switchboard operators yeah it's from a book a an interview is a historian elisabeth cobs who's won the pulitzer prize committee is on the history apartment u s or history abortion you a state department at the pbs documentary she's incredibly plea her resident may yeah is you know a suit but at the end it's a wide reaching story 'cause you do telephone history you start with alexander graham bell and then you do women's suffrage do world war one you do i mean you know a spoiler alert these women came back from world war one end were denied all of the benefits at other soldiers were mhm most of them went to the grave without military terry honors yeah and it wasn't until we did that pursuit efforts if the woman leading the charge morally again one of the switchboard operators they're called helo girls in the world war which is antiquated term now but that's a right the name of the books anyone wants to look it up a you know a women like molly again and a and in colleagues of her petitioning petitioning and positioning all the way up to jimmy carter wow recognition is soldiers in this war and finally got it in the nineteen seventies through from carter a i think they need and i am eastern mccarthy's the best yet they 'em what it was is they got on so there's a lot of red tape involved to there was some late in sexism involved true a yeah anyways is it if it isn't infuriating but it's also beautiful stores got great characters in it i mean it just came right out of history books and came alive alive talking to a two lives with cops so that's that's my favorite but i do sort of like the mall yeah that's a good that's a good.

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