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Would that would talk down all the people that are tending why are you hear you guys are all hammond acres which is a perfect bobby heenan will word hamon eggers the used a council united stole it from so yeah i got a couple times he was a great guy so where did you run this represent right it was in northern iowa southern minnesota okay what was the uh did you get into that what made you decide to do that bobby hanan sphere really yellow you know i had a a bunch of friends we would watch it and we does ali in a we can do this so we started reaching out to other proof other people and uh yeah we gotta we got an organization gather ran it for a few years had our own uh that so what would you do you put on a show what would be like just like you see on tv well right baby were they all local guys lot of local guys a lot of guys that came down from minneapolis the right they were a little bigger than some of our people because they did bigger shows right so that was at one time years ago that was kinda like the regional hub was minneapolis vern gun an aide out the all star wrestling did that come out of the minneapolis areas burn gun in awa that's what i thought yep so we had a lotta wrestlers that would come down from up there that we had to pay a little bit more than our guys right it was worth it because the drew the people in they knew their name it ruined the crowd right um yeah we had we'd had full of places where we were at with the they were full and um it hit this is an aisle the my favorite story is though we did it eddie a bar slash restaurant and they were serving mean gene pizza at the time well main gene oakland well eight he was making the tourist through so we had a show on the night we knew he was going to be coming to this place because they were serving means gene pizzas i got interviewed by means gene in my per sauna what is that a.

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