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Evening friends. I want to welcome you to the second event in the room. Mocking possibility speaker series sponsored by the bts center you have arrived at imagine. A new democracy with casper ter. Kyle and erica william simon. We are so excited that you are here. My name is nicole deer off. And i serve as the program director here at the bts center. This would be a great moment to put on your own digital name tag and say hello in the chat box feel free to share where you are logging in from today and a word or two not an essay but a word or two about why you are here tonight. During this season where life has been defined by so many uncertainties and many of us have entered a time of forced innovation those of us at the bt s center have been referencing our mission statement often. Our mission is to catalyze spiritual imagination with enduring wisdom for transformative leadership now more than ever we find ourselves hungry for spiritual immagination for possibilities unlocked. However you're if you are in a place anything like what. I'm in this evening. You may be feeling rather limited in your imaginative capacities like me. You also may be have been trouble remembering what you're doing at any given point in the day. Have you walked into a room recently. Thought what was it that brought me here i have. We've been learning from rob hopkins one of our speakers in the first event in this unlocking possibilities series about the brain science that causes this in from what is to what if rob explained that for a long time people believed that the part of our brain called the hippocampus was purely for memory but more recently there has been a paradigm shift and it is generally now accepted that the hippocampus is also involved in our ability to think about and imagine the future unfortunately rob says the hippocampus is rather fragile and is especially vulnerable to cortisol or the stress hormone so indeed. During times of heightened anxiety stress and uncertainty our brains have a more difficult time both remembering things and being able to imagine or look at things as if they could be otherwise. Welcome to twenty twenty my friends. Luckily the hiccups hippocampus and our human ability to imagine is resilient rob shares a handful of things that have proven to nurture the hippocampus including a healthy diet..

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