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A long time i mean he's he's there's no question he's a very important you know influential artist who started a lot of or left his mark on a genre which has become a really important part of the art world antigatt got attention for it a lot of attention when he was a young man you got it in our noticed in the 80s and written up an acclaimed by critics in written in all the papers but he never really locked into the mainstream of the art business the art world business and so for that reason he didn't become a household name race of his contemporaries comey tell me about the night you serve richards work this was in probably 1979 house crashing with some friends who had a aloft down in on broadway in street and about a half a block from their house there was a vacant lot with a big black wall on it in one night i was coming down the street and i jumped because i thought there was someone standing in the sort of in the shadows in this lot was about to jump out and then i step back and realized up it's just a picture i mean it was a very unusual thing to see a visual thing that had been done by somebody obviously illegally and you felt that it was kind of in midflight really engaged you in a certain way i want to go back a little bit because he also created these city wide murder mysteries i found so fascinating just at the scope of them can you tell the listeners about richard hamilton's chalk outlines we call on chalk outlines because they're like the chalk outlines it police departments put around victims of crimes the like the sketch of summa with their arms out on the out here and it's like it's like there was a murder victim there and he did it with white paint apparently used like a he hit a ketchup bottle a mustered bottle from a diner you know the kind of squeezie kind dear friend with lie down and he would drawn outline around the person's body like they were a murder victim the and then they stand up and that he'd swish some of the catch a bottle and put some red paint that look like blood gushing out and uh you know i started to see these down in the.

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