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Is well kind of three to five ounces of animal protein uh which is about the size of your hand would all provide around that twenty to thirty grams per meal which is important when i say per meal not just at dinner notching at lunch but all throughout the day breakfast lunch dinner than there some snacks and there as well chris let's remind people explain he say had the twenty to thirty grand seems to work well uh per meal works well for people what is it about preteen that's so seemingly magical we hear a lot about it we see it on packages that i think it's also provides in context and why you as a professional recommend people are getting this much on protein in each meal absolute limited number of things that certainly protein does for us but the to come to the two big ones that is that i usually turn to and looked to people are most interested in our our one protein helps show you up so in terms of the term is called for tighter day i'm so if protein helps joe you up think about the importance of that at a meal particularly breakfast so you can be more satiated throughout the day at a number two of the other big component of protein is that it helps build and or maintain muscle of course when when doing resistance training so not independent of that uh but if we look at those two pieces the weight management and or weight loss piece to it because it helps fill you up and the muscle building potential uh protein it is certainly really really important and so i i usually point to those two things like i mention of course protein those other benefits bought big picture the weight peace andy in the muscle piece i think curve what most people are after now chris as people are sitting listening to the s sometimes i guess women can get overwhelming and thinking about how how that in every meal and that's one of the reasons i wanted to do this typecast day on protein powders because when we did the protein vare episode within the closed this on malini life pie task faced a group the question.

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