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Hale this what are david brody has nine different browsers on his phone are you hoarding browsers if i i've like six sound recorders three weather apps you can never decide which when one playing weather apps to you need you just need one whether they want to reach him nine browser lets go talk to camille high camille how are you prepared learning that we are truly hoarders without recognising if i think now we're we're little blown away at how we are truly recognizing we're horta completely right right collection and that's meets bitten election is that how we get away with it so what is your husband's collect i ira reviewed review correct yeah earned the it's there he's kind of clothes from backing nineteen uh not in a moment or at least six here because it's not that bad you'll hit it on the hit for considered hoarders i think we're just lazy yeah that's what it is it's like when you don't you don't have enough time to organize but you need to organize and for me it's i'm sentimental and so i don't like to get rid of closed because they have memories attached i don't like to get rid of the you know like pay pieces of paper work because i don't know this is like a ticket stabber this is a some have a memory a plane ticket erica how are you all right i throw into it okay so you come from a family of horrors.

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