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These kinds of incidents are multiplying, and it's absolutely central to make sure that is national unity say clearly that this is not something that can have Turkey. Sources have said they have audio and video evidence. Mr. kashogi was murdered inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Saudi Arabia has strongly denied it was involved calling. The allegations lies. The US secretary of state Mike Pompeo has called on Ankara to quickly free. Other Americans in prison in Turkey to the release on Friday of the evangelical pastor Andrew Brunson. Mr. Brunson is expected in Washington later on Saturday where he'll be met by President Trump among other Americans. Detained in Turkey is the NASA scientists say Congo, a dual US Turkish national and two Turkish employee of the US diplomatic missions. The International Monetary Fund says its members had promised to refrain from competitive currency devaluations as trade disputes continued to threaten global growth at a meeting on the Indonesian island of Bali, the IMF said they would discuss ways of improving the World Trade Organization so that they could better handle trade disputes. The pledge comes amid a weakening at the Chinese Yuan to the lowest level in decades, and Dave trade tensions between China and the US. Voting is drawing to a close in a key by-election in Malaysia the disease to see the return of a former deputy, prime minister and opposition leader to an active role in Malaysian politics. The poll is being seen as the first test for a more Abraham as Roger Walker reports. Anwar Ibrahim is expected to win the by election in Port Dickson, but analysts say he needs to win convincingly to maintain his momentum and fulfil his ambition of becoming Malaysia Prime minister in may is to Anwar joined forces with his former bitter political rival Mahattaya Muhammad to win a shop general election victory over the baddest Shan national coalition which had govern the Lazio for more than sixty years. The two made a pact with the ninety three year old doctor Mahattaya promising to hand over the premiership to Mr. Anwar in two years at least eighteen people have been killed by flooding and landslides in Indonesia's Nelson mantra province rescue officials said. Twenty four small villages in the region were affected by heavy rain. Local media reports said that an Islamic boys' boarding school is buried by landslide. And ten more people are missing at the site news from the BBC. Australia's prime minister says he will change the law to bar independent religious schools from expanding students based on their sexuality. Scott Morrison said in a statement, the attorney general were draft legal amendments within the next two weeks earlier this week, Mr. Morrison appeared to defend league's government proposal would have guaranteed the right of religious schools in Australia to turn away gay students and teachers. Officials in the poll say eight climbers five South Koreans and three Napoleon guides have died after a storm hit their camp on the Himalayan peak in the west of the country. Another is missing Amboro sanity Rajin has more details. The South Korean Nepali climbing team were camped at the foot of mount Guja waiting for a window of good weather. So they could attempt to reach the summit and Napoli. Police spokesman told the BBC violence Tom hit the region completely destroying the camp is said the bodies of the climbers were spotted among the wreckage of the camp by your rescue team a helicopter managed to reach the site. But was unable to land near the camp due to severe weather conditions. The year is about two hundred kilometers northwest of the capitol. Cotton officials are hoping to send another recovery team on Sunday. When the weather improves police in the US city of Detroit have opened an investigation after the badly. Decomposed bodies of eleven infants were found in. Full ceiling at a former funeral home. A search of the building was ordered after police received an anonymous tip off giving them the exact whereabouts of the bodies police say they will be contacting the parents of the babies they have the names for. Search and rescue teams in the US state of Florida have begun work in Mexico beach. The town hardest hit by hurricane Michael. Hundreds of people are unaccounted for a total of sixteen people have been confirmed dead across the southeast of the United States. As a result of the storm. BBC news. Muslim nose day. It happened at around six thirty in the evening, Louis, Mika Ramirez is a Colombian coffee farmer. Just like his father before him yet, unless they see at around six forty five my mother received a call me, and they said that my dad had been accident that he was at the toll booth and there's been an accident. And that's where we went. And the neighbor took us in his car to see what happened. And very subtly when we got out of the car. So my dad lying there in the cover of the truck..

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