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Just don't I don't want to I don't Wanna I don't want you bitches something else. Chocolate flavor I'm not buying racist Reddi whip but I'm sure countless children across the country are spraying that all over. The deserts hurts this holiday season and getting fucking are. They're putting it in like hot chocolate or something. That's what I'm getting. Sounds good as hell. I'm sure there are. Oh ooh long list of things right. When did you start thinking about it? There are lots of things that could probably be. You know the the the whip it so. Yeah it probably could be especially if the consistency is right because the first thing that I thought of honestly was ice cream and hot chocolate cloud but I was like God genius. Ice Cream is so fucking smart. No okay all right those things in those things alone but I'm still not buying. Ah Yeah so if you're looking for Amigos lunch you know where to get Your servings they also have not only the have the Cueva with the offset into take off you can also get all of them together in a meal called tour writer. Wow it's called tour. Oh rider all three eighty dollars fifty fifty. Oh okay I see a discount all the chicken once what is you must be having having a house party or something to get all three of them host and it looks to be. This is probably just marketing. Because Uber Eats tweeted this but they said the migos to a writer is now a Popeye's menu and they're on their bus eating. I'm assuming this is just to promote their sure. They're probably making a huge bag on this fucking shit to but take-offs has has five tenders with two sauces and yeah it's literally takeoff get Tenders Oughta just gets mixed chicken with bone so they just bought this Friday kids. Had all the kids come home and be like look amongst you fifteen eggers. There is something for everybody. Let me tell you something. Parents parents blame you now. I don't do not be and on top of that as a child I understood that you we know when our parents came home and basically just turned a fast food bag upside down and let the contents spill across the kitchen table and went. It's a bit understood that they were saying I'm not doing it. I am tired. Here is food but those are also some of the most exciting damn dinners. He does like. Let's see what happens can never happen not in my house. My Momma cooked almost every day of my life and many days. If they weren't cooking you're is getting leftover yeah so when they decided to splurge on you know what I'm saying Some some pop is like a what else have I love when it came. Only Imam brought home a pizza. Bob My lucky Damn Day fried rice. My Dad used by this. I'm talking about like think of like the KFC bucket like the size of that right. You just fried rice. Who Mike to this still like every every moon you know every now and then he might just be like you know here it is or like we had coil tropical in Florida in my I dunno where else that should s? But it's essentially just a chicken. The chicken that they used to bring onset from chirping chick in your inner city. What's it is that Ah for the show? That was the chicken.

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