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We've got a suffield twentythree colchester at twenty three hartford and waterbury at twenty five degrees well lots of lots of stories about donald trump and the lawyer that is urging restraint on mueller is odd man out yes the addition of joseph degen of a a to the president's legal team marks a turn toward the combative stance taken by attorney john dowd president trump loves a killer and he just added one more to his legal team with joseph genita but the hiring of a nother veteran washington scandal attorney who views a special counsel robert mueller's investigation as illegitimate is hardly good news for cop yep the white house lawyer who's now left more isolated than ever in his pleas for cooperation with the russian probe trump's legal team has been sending mixed messages for months about mueller with cobb arguing that a go along get along approach has the best chance of bringing about a rapid conclusion to the russia investigation that's a sharp contrast with john dowd the president's personal lawyer who has argued trump to resist a sit down interview with a special counsel and made his biggest splash yet this past weekend by calling for the whole investigation to be shuttered yes the president's lawyers aren't just a fighting among themselves their disagreement reflects trump's own divided views about how to handle a scandal that has been overshadowed his first year in office it's also why the talk about mueller being fired won't go away the matter how many statements cobb issues from the white house saying that such a move is not being discussed and has never been under consideration the latest trump lawyer dispute represents quote a clearer manifestation of the to track processes that has been going on for some time pledge cooperation and presumably giving cooperation by providing requested documents and making people available for interviews.

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