American Academy, Pentagon, FBI discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Aancomconcussion a message from the american academy of neurology core i'm quite new is you are listening to ground zero show i think that i made my point when i said that i think now we you know we must certainly pay attention i mean after the whole thing with the pentagon the barber defence saying that that cnn threat assessment of you of votes you you need the kind of hiv you really want to have anybody take it all seriously yeah and if you want anyone to expressing interested in any more i think that what you need to do is you you you need to refigure your sources kia keep the crazy people at bay an end and make sure that what you're showing people you're using critical thinking about i mean it's the same thing for what happened with this whole russian meddling that biz information comes in any at all kinds of shapes forms videos algorithms you name it meant yeah opinion polls indicate than public you know the public is interested in ufos i know that advertising executives they know this movie producers know this but you know is it all deep down something that's triggering us to think wow or resolve the superficial minutes at all the you know less fbi left behind in annex x files episode or do we really really really wanna know more i mean uh this plenty of denial or at least ignorance in the part of the authority figures and say well there's nothing to this and the wrong because you know when you look at the world it's complex and we have a complex world or you have an infant at world the deal with an infant universe a places you've never been to having a finite rigid mine on is is really in my opinion stupid it's ignorance stupid and there's vast amounts of data to make you know what we hope are good arguments that what we need to do is have a little understanding we need to be a little bit more critical and understanding as well we need a standard there are technological miracles that are militaries put together but then again you know there may be a few out there that too are also technological miracles that are indistinguishable from magic karimun indistingishable from alien can we have tyler roadway on the program to talk about the ufo follow up this is an intercept between air force planes ufos and what the controllers on.

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