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I i know. Things are more complicated than like. Just get them the doses but why why are they more complicated. Why aren't those doses in people's arms. So we are working as an interagency to make sure that those doses can get out of the united states were working closely with the fda to make sure those doses can safely get out of the united states and we've secure plan for how they will be distributed. Are you confident that we are going to see the curve that we've seen in this country happened in other countries. This year there is. There has been worry that we're looking this extending into twenty twenty two but we're seeing what mass vaccination does we've seen it in in israel we saw it in the uk. We've seen it in our own country. Are you confident. We're gonna see more countries followed that trajectory that sort of downward de exponential curve in the next six months. You know. I don't think we as the united states are going to be able to cover this around the world alone. I think that what we intend to do is set an extraordinary example for how we want others to work with us to provide the same kind support and donations. We as as United states want to set that example and with that example and others leveraging their resources as well. I think we can bend the curve. It's going to take some time to do this around the world. all right doctor rochelle walinsky. Who has a very very difficult and very very important job at the centers for disease control. Thank you so much. Come back on the program. China really appreciate it. Thank you so much chris. Next a warning shot.

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