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Fakir the remaining the only remaining member of the four tops. I could talk to that man about just anything. Levi stubbs Obie benson you know. I could talk about you. Know how they started. You know what was up in terms of when the four tops got started. They all met at a party when they were kids. Not kids but teenagers and it was like stubs. And abdul fakir knew each other and lawrence payton and obie benson knew each other. They were both from different schools. I think one went to I forgot which one but they both went to help but the the pair went to different high schools in detroit so they were at this party this little highschool party and was like hey man you know. Why don't y'all get together a single song. They were like all right. Let's go ahead and do that. Levi go ahead and send something and we'll just back you up. So as soon as they started singing it was like man we knew we had something magical and so that next day we got together and we started putting shit together and decided what we wanted to do. And after that. That's how the four tops. Gus started back when they were teenagers. I would love the first question. I would ask do. Faquir would be a. How world did you guys even get together in terms of. Hey you to meet you to those two and get together and do some things. How did you guys even get the notion of doing that. What song did you sing. A one may jolt say levi. Go ahead and do the vocals. Why didn't why didn't obie benson. Or why didn't lord payton lewis. Payton has a great voice. Why didn't he. Why wasn't he the one that said you know what i'll go ahead allah lead and you guys back me up. What made that. What was what went into that decision. And then you know you're speaking about a situation where these guys learned under You know count basie and this guy. The four tops. Before they put the motown mean they did ten years. You know doing jazz and working with jazz groups and all there folks. So i would just love me back in the fifties and stuff such as i would love to to go ahead and to speak to do faquir about you. Know being on the road and working with those guys and what did you learn when you went to motown at you ever think that you would be this big and could you imagine that sugar pie. Honey bunch would be this huge still going forward and you know the relationship the friendships the brotherhood that you have the other three members and now that they're all gone. How much do you miss him. I mean i would love to sit there and talk to do for cure for hours and hours hour about stuff man. You know doing their thing during the civil rights movement and you know segregation and all those things in the other two people who would love to interview from the sports world would be bill. Belichick in gregg popovich bill belichick. I would stick to the history of pro football. I'm a guy of history if it comes to was going down in this country and his past four hundred years three hundred years two hundred years and I'm a freak. When it comes to history and sports..

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