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In person to deal with the repercussions of this uh it's surprising it shocking uh look eh you know for uh if you work in a front office in baseball operations that went derek uh in that to near the new ownership were brought in it was explained that eric was going to oversee the baseball operations and the business side he's in ceo the team he's been in the middle of all these as you and carlos stanton conversations uh people who are an upper management baseball this is like opening day for that right uh it's the winner meetings all of them you know see a web seen brian cashman dave dombrowski uh you know chris antonetti the indians who would be unthinkable that they wouldn't come to the winner meetings not only because uh you know they this is not for to de to sell the sport the idiots like may and also because they have conversations with other teams uh they learn about their own players from conversations other teams they learn about their own employees in here you have derek who's taking over on this front office probably doesn't know a lot of his employees very well what better opportunity uh then to be around them is all these conversations going on with other teams and with agence it's a it's a great place to learn and he should be here any specially should have been here in person yesterday uh two at a time when the marlins and making these uh franchise changing decisions as the face of the franchises the leader of the organization should have been your person to explain to reporters now he told the conference call uh yesterday but these are the winner meetings and i as i said on sports center yesterday for a general manager not to show up to these or someone who's in in his position he's like a play or not showing up our game it does seem somewhat odd right out of the gate for him we're talking to buster only on the shelf pens all performance i again our baseball insiders also author to books in the greatest thing about busters he grew up on a dairy farm in randolph senator mock always loved it to two chitchat about every now and then how about the the effect knock because everybody thinks.

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