Los Angeles, Mayor Garcetti, California discussed on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer


As you know, mayor , researchers at Ucla in Los Angeles say they actually saw significant increase in patients with respiratory failure in their hospitals beginning in late December that suggest that the virus may have been spreading much earlier than previously thought based on all the briefings you're getting all the expertise you're learning about the outbreak in La does that seem possible? ? It's possible. . We had no big outbreaks. . So we might have had some limited cases and we don't believe that most of our spread came from people that were here community spread we're such an international city. . This is the. . Fourth Busiest airport in the world the busiest container port in all of the Western. . Hemisphere. . So we have a lot of people who come through this very important crossroads and it's more likely that most infections came from there but absolutely, it , probably was in the United States certainly northern California and possibly down here a little bit earlier to one of the reasons I'm proud that we were the first big city to start shutting things down first. . Big City to say widespread Maske's had to be mandated <hes>. Those . things are important in those save lives if we'd had that at the national level and what we saw was devastating this week in Bob Woodward's book about not only knowing the threat but China downplay it, and , now everybody's trying to say, , oh, , he was trying to keep people calm keep people calm by telling them the truth and arming them with the ways to protect themselves and their families not by saying this will go away without a vaccine or you Don't need to wear a mask and those decisions unfortunately cost lives. . But at the local level I'm proud that you know mayors throughout this country and many governors Republican and Democratic took those right steps because now the evidence is showing, , it was probably here earlier than we imagined

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