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Shootings were up nearly 166% murders up by nearly 50% over August, 2019. And a disturbing deadly crash between an empty a bus and a bicycle ist. This happened in Woodside, Queens, the Q 18 driver kept going unaware of the impact. That this man witnessed that horror at 31st Avenue and 51st gruesome scene something that I think no charges have been filed against the M T, a bus driver, But police say the 50 year old bicycle list went against a steady red light. W. ABC News Time. 10 0 for traffic, sports and weather Next with cousin Julia, Saturday night Rock and Roll Party with dozen Russi because that's this Saturday, right here on music Radio 77 W. ABC can also your cousin Brucie on w ABC radio dot com. Susie Cerone, his traffic in transit. Crash on the L I e West Minute Oceanic Spree blocks the left lane. You're backed up from the Cross Island Parkway. Alternate side in effect. Inbound George Lincoln in Holland. Five minutes of peace. But watch out. There's road work on the George Washington Bridge. Jersey bound both decks till 2 30 in New Brunswick. An accident with the debris spill one lane is getting by a route one north bound in South and riders lane delay. Still getting by that crash being cleared off one in nine North bound your see Congress Road and a lot better in Greenwich. Now their stall tractor trailer on 95 North and it exit three is gone. I'm Susie Cerone on talk radio 77 w A B C 75 partly stunning from the 77 w ABC NEWS desk. I'm Deborah Valentine that the Dow's Down 28. Next update at 10 30 Streaming 24 7 on the All new 77 w A. B. C mobile app.

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