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At blocking two lanes southbound on the Dan Ryan so watch for that to slow you down also in the suburbs at Lake Street in Barrington in the Hanover park area you've got a crash so those are just a couple of spots to watch out for again also dealing with high standing water will go over some of those spots you're coming out okay for more than twenty two hundred new cases of cover nineteen reported in Illinois yesterday that makes it the sixth time in the past seven days at the number of new cases tops two thousand the total number of positive cases across the state is over fifty thousand the death toll increased by ninety two in the state yesterday bringing the total number of deaths to more than twenty two hundred a surgical technologist who dedicated his life to serving others passed away just days before he was set to retire according to US news live from you I see hospital with more good morning Courtney good morning to you both you know the surgical sex served on the front lines here at you I see and now he is gone after contracting Colquitt nineteen but what's more is he was supposed to retire today we will finish and we will get through all this okay so chin up that was one of the last time sixty year old Juan Martinez took to social media he posted that message of encouragement at the beginning of this month on Instagram Martinez died Monday after contracting coronavirus the U. I. C. hospital is spent decades on the job I wanted to do some traveling with his wife once he retired the father and grandfathers served in the army and then in the Illinois National Guard he received countless commendations and merit awards he's described as having a larger than life personality his medic to Martinez was also pharmacy state serving as pastor of his church his son Juan Martinez junior says he and his father both tested positive recorded nineteen on April seventeenth and although his father had to fight to continue to impart encouragement and wisdom it is the last couple of days with the state that he had and he gave us you know messages of hope and non encouragement and and love towards his family and closest friends and all his friends in the in the state church is very active in church SO zero services are still pending for Martinez but the family has.

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