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And it will be creative. And there's lots of opportunities to do crazy stuff. But I'm not quite show would be flying. It was still too about sums. It's an exciting time because we're exchanging ideas, but we will probably play a chunk of Tony chunk of quarter failure with okay. And then a selection of songs that suit that kind of arrangement which actually broadens our scope hugely. I think it means that we can do perhaps some of the lighter songs from the launch house years. Who's next year's like Thanh is pulsing and too much of everything those kind of ballot songs, which quite sure. Oh, they lack force when you play the kind of throwaways if you play them in a peak grace hitch destroyed I might flaw. I don't know. So that's where we all. And it'll be the same backing band is the previous tour with Zach and everybody and Pino is now outright that the new year. He went out to work with John Mayer. Yes, Joe was doing alone tour, and we were taking hero obstacle year of. So we might not get peanut bike. I'm on very happy with John. Bon his good. He's not in a pay an individual exceptional. It was a pity that he left when he did because hands I was starting to gel a little bit the Jones good. He's really good. He's really good. He's great looking great personality. He's very elusive. Playa gets a good sound stage. You know, I miss those kind of crise moments of Pino lunacies casually come out with some amazing saying because he was Lewis a fundamentally simple and then occasionally something. But explode, I guess it's the same time. And so it's the tiny fiftieth. So we'd playing songs I've Tommy that you haven't played on recent tours. Are you thinking has structure that Tommy portion, you know, one could talk about this. Now, I have trouble with Tomi. We did it recently. Out the whole wanted to do it for the T night's concert shows that I saw out of bright now, hopefully throw it triggered by when I wrote I wasn't aware of the issues on half posted might be this for another compensation now. Yeah. We play a medley of stuff it won't be anything unusual out. Hey, it'd be like sparks like amazing journey and all that stuff. Right. Then Quadrophenia John. I think that will be a tight medley as well. Both of them will be interesting to do with ochre strike with having abandoned off must say that. When I heard that Roger was doing is to with an orchestra and had drums. I just oh God so difficult to combine drums with strings because of noise spill, but also because strings have a much looser rhythmic syncopation. But everything I've heard about roaches shows. Good from the people that were on it and for people in the audience. I'll got my fingers crossed. You think he might doing fan club shows in the states, maybe to play a few feet, or you know, we should do it. We should really do rather than get op into trying to Broadway stuff, or whatever, you know. We should really just bang into the fake. And you know, I had a friend of mine went into Dylan the beacon last month to month before last and said he was better than they see ages. It was astounding done. That was a big surprise because I suppose to see debt can often be so interested in it. I said it was fantastic yet. There's been happened on this last tour seen him time that we're just shows. They were unreal. Well, that's good engine. He does so much. And you weren't you really want to see him? Enjoy it. You know, what's interesting. I think with Dylan certainly with may in the last five to fifteen years, slowly. But surely realize that happiness is not something that arrives. It's something that you suddenly kind of allow to happen telling my son, he's had a difficult. Couple of months just have faith. You know, when you get to be about sixty Sutton eighth. The cloud lifts I think it's really difficult. And I think it my Popper to dinner yet. So you're tempted to play the beacon with who do you think I'll be like a different kind of love to just not sure quite when we would do it. I think the moment we're committed what the way through to the winter this year..

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