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The deadline to apply his December the forth. Our news partners at ABC six say the application can be found in economic development dot c o dot Delaware dot Ohio dot us nationwide, the economy as a whole is still healing its wounds without another stimulus package likely from Washington. As of right now, nationwide over 638,000 new jobs were added last month nationwide. ABC Sixes. Jesse Pagan says Ohio, though saw Spike in unemployment numbers think the broader story is one where the U. S economy is continuing to recover. But there's still a high level of stress that many unemployed Americans of people in the state of Ohio as well are experiencing and speaking of Ohio. We're looking at a bit of a spike here with last week more than 21,000 Ohioans filed for unemployment for the first time. That's compared to the 17,531 from the week before, which is about 3700 claim difference, However, that is still a general decline from the nearly 275,000 claims we saw in one week in March, which was that peak department job Families director Kim Hall says this bike could be attributed to what they call a winter workload We see almost every year were industries like construction, offload workers. Because winter weather gets in the way of work. Paul says that usually last until spring visor today announced some positive results from their early Corona virus vaccine trials. Visor and its German partner Beyond text said their vaccine was 90% effective in preventing covert 19 infections. Vaccine was proven, Toby Verifications overwhelmingly Visor, chief doctor Albert Borland told ABC News. No serious safety concerns have been reported, but he understood why some Americans were skeptical instead of having scientists Debating the merits of this vaccine. We had a politician's didn't help. It's a two does vaccine and by the end of the year, Pfizer should have enough to immunize at least 15 million people. Aaron Carter SKI ABC NEWS New YORK As vote counts are still being finalized, one of the president's staunchest allies in Congress is continuing to back the president's unfounded claims of fraud in the election, and he says President Trump should not rule out another run for the White House Senator Lindsey Graham says he would encourage President Trump to consider running for the White House again in 2020, for if his legal challenges to the election proved to be unsuccessful. I'm telling the Brian Kilmeade radio show Outward encouraged President Trump. If, after all this he does fall short. We just can't quite get there to not let this movement die to consider running again. To create a created organization platforms over the next four years to keep his movement alive was Michelle's. The ABC News Washington. Meanwhile, both of Georgia's Republican senators want the Republican secretary of state there to resign from his job Senator is David Perdue and Kelly La Flor issued a statement today calling on Brad Ruffins Burger to step down as they claim elections in Georgia this year have been filled with failures. Radio 6 10 W TV N Sport. This mark I updated service. Anthony Thomas. Chocolate Buckeyes. Ohio State getting to work on Maryland. The Buckeyes still third in the polls behind Alabama, Notre Dame Iris going from forth a second after the upset of Clemson Tiger slide behind the Buckeyes to number four Buckeye basketball, adding a player meaty Johnson out of Cleveland was supposed to be in next year's recording class. But Johnson is reclassifying. He's graduating high school early and then ruling at Ohio State and will be eligible immediately. The crew and playoff mode after any of the regular season with a win over Atlanta When secured the third seed in the East, they face the New York Red Bulls next from the central High 100. Other sports dash Matic Ortiz radio 6 10 W T Viet I'm Alison Wyatt stay connected to Columbus on the hour at the half, and as news breaks How do you crack into a tub of Magnum ice cream, Double sea salt caramel with pleasure. Crack the rich outer shell to find caramel sauce and pieces of milk chocolate swirled in vanilla ice cream.

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