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Martin first of all has built so many world until many stories and written books that are not really the books that we have wanted. But they are still books about the history and the legends of these ancient heroes that is what the prequel is going to be about. What is interesting is Dan Weiss and David Benny off the current show runners have nothing to do with it. So it is not necessarily that they need that oversight. I just find it. Interesting when you're doing too complicated world that you know, you're not really talking to those folks or like having them involved, but at the same time if they were to go to the age of heroes and really talk about some of those stories you run into this problem of okay? So if they start in this age of heroes, but they're still mentioning people before that and brand the builder and all of that I feel like it could go that Star Wars route where we're getting a prequel to if been that we really like, but then in that prequel it mentions other stuff from other stores might at some point. And I come on just tell solid stories, and we're going to be on board, regardless of kind of what age they are in in this game of thrones people are going to watch I'm going to watch. I know that about myself. So I'm excited to see what they do with it. We just do not really know much right now other than the cast and the pilot has a director. So we will see, but it is exciting that it is moving forward. This type of large scale epic TV I mean as having a renaissance right now, but again with the net flicks model and everything it will be interesting to see. How many layers they are going to be able to do? And how many shows they're going to be able to actually pull off at that? Same qaulity gave him through. Thrones prequel is on its way in a couple years. Hopefully sooner rather than later, but we will see. There's a new trailer that dropped the is kind of a modern reverse version of big and the titles actually little it has ISA ring Marseille Martin and Regina hall, and Regina hall is this unreasonable boss to each array and super mean. And of course, she has I am and turned into a little girl who then is trying to navigate the world with ISA raise guidance. The trailer looks really funny, but what I'm more excited about is that Marseille Martin who people have known past couple of years on blackish. She is thirteen years old. She is an executive producer of this movie. She is the youngest executive producer of a movie that is awesome. I hope that she has a little bit of control in that is one of the things that people always kind of joke about is. Nobody really knows what producers do. Do. So I'm hoping that as producer, you know, she had some pull she had some ability to tell the story in some certain directions. So that is exciting. I'm actually a little bit more excited for her and her opportunities as an executive producer and as young actor in this field. I'm worried about that than the actual movie itself. Even the movie looks cute and funny. So yeah, so good for you Marseille Martin. So that movie is little and of course, all of the links will be in the show notes below. So go ahead and click those one of my favorite ridiculous movies is dune. Yes. The original dune with Patrick Stewart and a whole bunch of other people so this remake the Dinnie Dinnie Villaneuva has been talking about doing for a while..

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