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So prior clients who we don't know about they could all be under the microscope as well. Is there any chance I know that universities are going to conduct their own investigations. But if it's anything like the investigations, they do for NCW violations. I'm not gonna you know, put a lot of faith in them. Based on the magnitude of of this indictment that we already know of is there any chance the universities don't have at least a passing understanding that this was going on that even if it was, you know, let's let's just you know, agree, not to acknowledge that it's happening. But, but yeah, of course, we know we knew it's there. Well, we know that the US attorney for the district of Massachusetts in his press conference said that universities were victims to here, and I have several friends whose kids go to these current universities and they've received emails from the president or some big person at the university saying we're victims here, and we're cooperating, and we're conducting internal investigations, but I think as this starts to unspoiled more. We may see more and more that maybe some were some individuals in the universities had to know what was going on. You saw that the guidance counselor at USC in one of these cases were sniffing around because one. Boy who got in under a pole vaulting scholarship. When he wasn't even a pole vaulter in his high school track team started saying, hey, house track going the kids like, oh, no not on the track team. Is this the one where they photo shopped his they photoshopped picture the kid was in the dark. So I think time will start revealing more of these things I feel bad for I was an athlete in college. I feel really bad for the actual athletes who could've used a leg up as a recruited athlete in these colleges. But these dirty college coaches alleged dirty college coaches gave higher precedence to getting money than bringing an athlete in the recruited athlete spot. 'cause we don't know who those those young athletes are. Yeah. And oftentimes athletes who this is their their primary entree into higher education. Oftentimes, these are underprivileged kids, and frankly, oftentimes, they're a minority kids, which brings us to the question of a political component. I raised this. When I first talked about some people push back, saying don't politicize this this isn't about politics. But I look at some of these names who were part of this indictment. They come from Hollywood. They come from Wall Street, they come from the tech world, and they all seem to be the same people who are participating in the political sphere from the left side of the equation who who sort of grandstand sanctimoniously about how conservatives and Republicans are cold hearted and unfeeling and not wanting to help the underprivileged and yet here, they are cheating the system on behalf of their own rich children, and my misguided in that or is there a pattern here that is worth at least discussing. Well. I'm actually working on a piece on on that as well. And what I've found so far, and I'll publish it next week and let you know about it is that you're right. These individuals, many of whom are not household names. But bigwigs in all sorts of businesses and whatnot. We're very active many of them in giving what appears to be very lawful and appropriate donations to politicians are wannabe politicians on the left and right. And I I ran across many of the names who gave a politician to politicians on the left, but there are others who gave to politicians on the right and believe it or not the Huffington Post and CNN have done some pretty good work on this laying out the the donations to these people, but we'll have more information next week. But it seems like they were pretty active. There's no suggestion that those politicians who were beneficiaries of that money helped in any way with this college scheme. So with that on the record. Yeah. And that's not what they were very active in in and donating because they're well to do. They had discretionary money to give to politicians. Yeah. And it really has more to do with the hypocrisy. And sort of what's baked into our culture right now. And why we should take a Paxi to no one. With regard to our concern for the underprivileged or for that matter for the best interests of our children were or kids got into college through the front door. Well, yes, so far, and you know, if my kids going to college that's how they're gonna get in through the front door, which is, you know, old singer here had three doors. So you talked about in his pitch the front door the standard way that most people listening to get their kids into college the back door where you give millions of dollars when you give a building to the school, and you hope that they're going to wink, wink, nod nod let your kid in or then the singer special, which is the side door, which was cheating. Well, and by the way, the front door, which so many of us have been I've just gone through a twice with my two. Oldest it ain't easy, and it's arduous, and it seems arbitrary, and it's gut wrenching sometimes. And and because we've all been there as parents now or so many of us have. That's why this story resonates. That's why lead with what I lead in my piece. I mean, this this issue has pissed off. Everybody in town. That is hyper politicizing everything. The first cycle of stories didn't jump to. It's a Republican or democrat thing. It's it's a it pisses everyone off and so and rightly so because everyone wants the best for their children. Right. No matter where you're from you want your children to achieve and you realize that getting a good education as part of that. And by the end, good good on the Justice department under our attorney general in our prior Torney general sessions for really focusing in on this honing and getting this done. Well, it's really great work. And it came up because it was a boring securities fraud case and the guy was getting ready to face the music. He said, oh, by the way. Can I help myself because this Yale soccer coach often offered to get my kid into the school? If I give him four hundred thousand dollars, and then you can imagine those young a USA's like what I really really tell me more that guy on the wire, which led to singer getting on the wire. And that's another thing broke Kelly Stimpson's back and his back with gusto. Thank you for joining us. Of course, the senior legal fellow with the Heritage Foundation writing now at daily signal. Great stuff. I'm looking forward to seeing more from your colleague. Thank you for joining. Larry great.

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