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You get to here. It keeps going. I mean nine nine gets a lotta love. Do i remember eight being really good. But i i think that would just because i was a moody teenager at the time i played it on the show so i can find look like the road. You know night is actually good. It's really good. I know my wife likes say in a whole lot. I don't think it's good. But i want to play a really good. Rpg just don't fight asthma. it's a really good game. See would be excited if we eight we're going to. It's just gonna be a long one. That's that's all and it's going to happen. I- hundred percent wanna do more file fancies on this show. Just i'm getting there other. Hey why can you actually up toward so all right and then last group. I'm going to reach some questions from. Rpg lovers worldwide unite from martinsville aerial. Yeah this game. Sucked people like fucking. This game makes me happy. And from brian. Do got it when it was brand new played through it all once. Don't remember crap about story characters. Anything about it in reality which obviously says something for the story. I think the game play was kind of fun. I played again but appears i sold traded. It was again chosen. Enjoy it overall in the end. This game only really made me wanna play the original game again. Fact and from the rpg lover worldwide unite. Pays the guy that runs his group he said. I'm a vincent. Valentine fan and i love it. I thought that was cool. And this one from mark berg ma. I vaguely remember it. I also remember the part plane. Is kate sieff. Yep it does kinda stand out this one for adam. Alan de torres can't recall. The story line was fun but super hade invisible. Walls definitely play it again. I didn't run into that many. I don't think it do i am. I guess i wasn't really searching for anything. Just trying to get to the game. I think i've pulled up the map enough to know where i could go to avoid that. It just like simple things. Like i said trying to jump on a box or jump over a handrail or jump over a pipe when you have to crouch like it. If you weren't jumping you didn't encounter that much because games pretty linear but yeah they. They were pretty bad and last question. I'm going to read. If i can figure out how to pull back up the thing. I all right from. Bruce phillips wasn't completely terrible for devil may cry s s. rpg devil may cry. rip off a god of..

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