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On putin to ensure that navalny receives proper treatment immediately. How has the russian. Opposition responded navales f. fb k. organization had originally planned to hold protests for the release of the kremlin's most prominent critic later this spring but in response to reports about his deteriorating health leonid volkov navan as chief of staff and ivan shaddad nov. Fb case director in a youtube video on april eighteenth urged people to protest in squares across the country on wednesday april twenty first the same day as putin's annual state of address their murdering alexei navalny in a terrifying way right before our eyes volkov said in the video the stakes for those navalny supporters who choose to protest are high. Thousands of people were detained in a vicious police. Crackdown during mass protests across russia in january and february that called for the activists release the authorities appear to have accelerated their attempts to silence navalny's team on april sixteenth russian prosecutor's asked a moscow court to designate fb k. and other organizations linked navalny as extremist the list currently names thirty three organizations including islamic state the taliban and jehovah's witnesses if approved the move would outlaw their operations and could result in jail time for its members. The prosecutor said such organizations create conditions for changing the foundations of the constitutional order and called their activities undesirable in a statement. Assure cough beliefs the kremlin is trying to distract the public from the declining level of support for putin's ruling. United russia party largely driven by frustration over deteriorating living standards ahead of parliamentary elections in september according to a march survey by the moscow-based. Independent pollster the levada center twenty-seven percent of respondents support the united russia. Party down from thirty one percent last august. He's trying to eliminate his most potent political opponent and our organization assure cough said..

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