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He. thanked. The costumer forest challenge for US nanotechnology lifetime warranty. Links looking at Austin. Iot. Make you think about digital transformation? New companies are are waking up to what they can do. What the possibilities are are, and then are developing. You know unique use cases that are that help them. So no companies need to get creative and Particularly now. Start thinking outside the box as there is no box around how they can use I T. To. To support their customers to you know to find new businesses. and to scale their businesses when Particularly weather under under a lot of stress. And again I think it comes back to those practical use cases and will differ from industry to industry, but one industry I pay. A lot of attention to is is Is telehealth and telemedicine and they're. They're just so many obvious amazing use cases for. IOT whether it's wearable devices that that can that can do. Monitoring and patient clicked patient data, or whether it's You know video devices in the home for you know having. A labeling doctors to to consult with patients not go into the surgery practice so. Things like that are just It's the low hanging fruit and I. Think Company should look at those immediate use cases. Narrow creativity people. Sitting down looking at the black wall..

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