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Typically they played under the same Zach system year in year out that quarterback that we would say, right and Eli has been going through different offensive coordinators change. Personnel change this change that I think bring back somebody that's been in house before understands, the optics are going to help tremendously. So I'm excited to see them get back when feel obviously, yes, I'm bias no doubt about that, but I'm biased for good reason and that's because I know that I know what kind of person is look like. Pat Shurmur has he's, he's seen success Sam Bradford best year. His rookie year was with German, right? He failed before is the head coach Cleveland, but lots of guys have failed their even Bill Belichick integrate with eighty great with Minnesota last year with their revolving door, like for for a head coach, he's a pretty good quarterback whisper, really. The giants is here. I didn't love the giants, not a three win team. We know they're they're much better than the eight nine. Give you eight as a jets fan. That means possible. Elsewhere in the preseason. It's in high gear this weekend with the match up between two of last year's most interesting young quarterbacks, Jimmy, Jesus also known as Jimmy Garoppolo and Shawn Watson both looked great. Last time they were on a field last season with Jimmy g. going undefeated Shawn Watson, turning Houston into a scoring machine. There's a small sample size, but expectations are, of course sky high, Jimmy Garoppolo when he signed his contract was the biggest in the history of the league and everyone myself included things. If to Shawn Watson stays healthy, the sky could be the limit. I guess the question would be, who do you have greater expectations for this season? I talked to Brian Weeden who's backup quarterback with the Houston, Texas. He's like, look, if Sean learns to to to to get down when he slides stay in the pocket a little bit more. He's got a chance to be the NFL's MVP. He's that good because he has the leadership quality. The. Football intelligence, the emotional intelligence to relate to guys. I think he's got some swag because even though college football doesn't actually translate to the National Football League, all those guys saw that he beat Alabama. He won national championship for Clemson, like that carries some weight in the locker room of some young players like this dude. Got it. I just it's, it's off his second ACL injury, and you got remember last year they put in the college offense which really worked. They're gonna try and make them into more of a pro style quarterback. I think there could be some bumps along the way before he gets to his potential call Jimmy g. here who who will have the better season Janney. Ooh, yes, yes, because I saw I saw Matt Ryan as the MVP when mile Shanahan was offensive coordinator. Look, I think he's, I think that entire staff is outstanding. I think you got Goodwin as potential elite wide receiver. Slow down. Marquette Goodwin is an elite receiver on potential potential elite wide receiver. Look, they rebuilt that thing from scratch. You look at the end. That Jimmy g. had and how that team was on the path to being the number one or number two. In terms of worst record in the National Football League, they win five against three playoff teams, and I'll grant you the Rams, shut it down week, seventeen, but they beat the jacks. And that was a that was a hell of a Jags defense, and he lit them up. They beat the Tennessee titans. That was a pretty good Tennessee titans defense. And and we saw an NFL films just his attention to detail how he studied under the ultimate wizard. Like I think Jimmy Garoppolo he's been a league longer. He's has. He has a better offensive system than the one we've seen in Houston, and he's giving me running the same system..

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