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County, Howard county, Montgomery county, also southeastern Frederick and southwestern Baltimore counties that until two 45 this afternoon. Stay with us. We'll keep you up to date. It's two ten. Money news at ten and 40 pass, the hour, here's Jeff clay ball. JLL's annual data center market report is out, and once again, Northern Virginia is the largest in North America, but not just North America, the top 5 globally, Northern Virginia, Singapore, Tokyo, London, and Chicago rounds out the top 5 to put this into some context, Northern Virginia has 3400 megawatts of data center inventory, which is three times larger than the next biggest market Singapore. That's Michael hartnett at JLL, Northern Virginia saw its third straight year of record data center growth last year. How did Northern Virginia even end up as the world's largest data center market? If you go back to the 1990s, Northern Virginia was really the telecom and Internet capital of the world. It was home to telecom giants like MCI and WorldCom, and it was the headquarters of America online. These Internet pioneers really built an extensive fiber line network across the region. The next chapter for data center demand will be what JLL calls the artificial intelligence gold rush Jeff cable. It is two 12, the earlier weather report brought to you my long fence. Save 20% on long fence decks, pavers and fences. Go to long fence dot com today and schedule your free in home estimate coming up, we'll tell you about some sports action, game two of the Nats weekend series underway in Minnesota. We've got sports in ten minutes on WTO P two 12. Gather in Baltimore at an FCF flagship event. Technet cyber, may 2nd through fourth, cyber leaders convened to discuss network and plan for the whole of government effort to meet global cybersecurity challenges. Be a part of the conversation led by the honorable John Sherman, Department of Defense, CIO, lieutenant general Robert skinner, director of disa, and general Paul nakasone, commander of U.S. cyber command, and director National Security Agency. Info at event FCA dot org slash FCA cyber 23. I'm bobber, founder

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