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Yes, I know it's hard to believe looking at me, but yes. I had an book and it tracked my progress. My Progress I looked at how many reps and what wait I was listening lifting at that point versus past weeks I wasn't looking at what Arnold or Sylvester Dwayne was doing. I just wanted to make sure week of a week. I was lifting a little bit more either more reps or more weight or both, and that is how you should look at your show. How many downloads are you getting? Episode is going up, or is it going down or staying flat? I don't think I have any more agreements to give you, and it really is for most of us in in as. As an ego thing and most people don't even know how to respond to this meaning. I see this and she podcast a lot when people will post a screen shot from one of these services that says Oh look I'm number whatever in whatever category and everybody goes Yay for you Yay for you. You know that kind of stuff and it's like that's really what it is. It's. It's a celebration of anything. I'm not even sure what to say about that. Because number one eighty two in government NGO state subcategory. Yeah, and no, but then it also then it tells you the country, so then you have to go I'm number one eighty-seven. Actually I I just happened to see that we were I think the feed was like one hundred and ninety six in Australia. I mean 'cause we get these emails I. Just happened to open it up and I was like Oh all right. I mean what am I I? Mean I don't know what it means I don't one hundred percent agreed chart with yourself the same little thing happening with myself when it comes to walking as well and I like to compete with myself I. Like to see how I get better when it comes to how many steps day I take and and then it's a reflection of the things that I'm doing and how I can make it better, so I can continue doing these things and part of it is comparing yourself to Jillian, michaels or anybody else who's or like anybody who had no, because there is yeah, there's there's there's over a million podcast out there. And, there's so many subtle tease that differentiate all of us. There's it just seems so bizarre to me. Ray, even if like yeah, anyway. If I'm more to compare myself as an almost fifty year old woman to J. Lo, I'd kind of be figuring out that she's got a little bit extra resources to look the way she does at fifty. I don't really have all the people that helped me look really good. So I can't. I can't have that as a comparison I can only have me to look at so moving on now to do a little bit of a shoutout. Just because we got this via our feed contact form on Lipson Dot com because we do have. Landing Page rob over at Lipson dot com slash I think the dash feed I think that that's what it is, and so we just had I'm just giving a shout out to Monica Regar- wears. She is in pre launch phase you just. Eight week accelerated podcast course, and she is focusing on walk in careers. Slash Biz, and that is women of Color in careers in business, so congrats money, God, thank you so much for reaching out and she I do know was participant in one of our weapon, the Webinar that we did a couple of weeks ago. And moving from congratulations to another email. We have to get this one in I. Know this. Little bit of a DM. From Mr the Super Blogger, this person wrote quote. Hi, how can I get noticed? As it's a tricky one, I find when I promote myself. People dislike hearing when I say as it comes across bigheaded plus make people jealous interesting in his artwork, it says quote the master of not giving a bomb on, and for someone who, in their artwork says they are the master of not giving an F. Bomb. It's almost kinda. SORTA like he gives one here. I, I would just say to him if he does not want people to be jealous and think of him as big headed. He could always just include show stats that squash jealousy. His podcast title is how to be a success unquote. There is a lot of irony in him. Reaching out to a service, he does not actually even host on to ask the question. Of you know how to be a success, so step one Komo with US step to. You know give a bomb and create some great content and step three learn humility, or at least look at your stats on a regular basis. Well I mean yeah I was surprised. I didn't quite know what to do that message. When it came in, and I also didn't know if if like there was a part of I'm like what does this person just want engagement here, right? I, assuming he this person definitely want engagement to rent some kind of tactic. It's like look. It comes across as being bid head plus I make people jealous. Alright nude. Sure good job, pointing all those three things, this person can move forward, and and then again on social. We've been having lots of social media content on our on our show today. This is a quick shout to a show that game to us the X. Y. Show. I love your tweet. Saying you were moving over to Lipson well played well played. Indeed, welcome to the family has a nice little image in their very nice saying. Hello with a big like arms wide open, so it was awesome. So. All right, so we have another voicemail this one coming from our google. Voice. Yeah so let's go ahead and hear that. People love defeat. Thank you for the time and effort that you could into that. heard you guys occasionally mentioned time as eastern standard, time, or Pacific Standard, time and many podcasters make this mistake. It's only standard time of November. Through more remember not on daylight savings time, and then march to November when we are on daylight saving time it's..

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