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With law enforcement America is listening to fox news just clear that Iraq westbound I. ten at the Jack park channel still going to find some slowing though west bound for the fifty one over to seven straight then on the west side more store would go fifty ninth Avenue out to seventy Fifth Avenue crash just about cleared one of one southbound in the killers I'm Lee pal traffic five fifty K. FYI this report is sponsored by Bob Evans dinner cites the Bob Evans farms family of products wants to remind you to drive sensibly as you get behind the wheel a bit more now drive smart and drive safely to shop at your local grocery store for Bob Evans mashed potatoes and mac and cheese eighty four for your overnight low then heat up to one eleven on Thursday dropping back down to one oh six on Friday and some relief only ninety four on Saturday I'm here in jeans five fifty K. FYI here to save America from trump good afternoon this Russell and how to rob hunt dragon I'll be today Mike has the day off so we're gonna get into it.

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