Elon Musk proposes taking Tesla private


Klansman from director Spike Lee, and producer, Jordan Peele based on the true story of the first African American detective to go undercover and infiltrate, the, Ku Klux Klan in theaters Friday This is morning edition from NPR news. I'm David green and I'm? Rachel? Martin tesla may may. Be in for a dramatic. Ride, on. Tuesday, the. CEO Elon Musk went on Twitter to announce he is considering taking the company private and Tesla's stock soared was that what musk intended, NPR's? Jasmine, Gars covers technology she's here with? Us now hey jasmine hi Rachel so he. Made this? Announcement on Twitter sort? Of unusual, for such an important announcement that pretty much? In line with how musk operates right yeah this, is what musk does he he takes on Twitter. And speaks his mind so why why did this happen I mean why did he make the suggestion. About going private musk has always expressed annoyance at the way tesla being a public company beholds him to investors the fact that he, has to do these quarterly earnings reports and explain himself in his every move he said that it puts unnecessary pressure on the company to make decisions that maybe Aren't good in the long term and he gets really annoyed in. Fact in. One earnings call this year he got so annoyed let me play you a clip board questions are. Not cool next that's musk? Calling? An analyst questions boring. And boneheaded he later apologized. But, you. Know, another. Thorn in Musk's side has been Tesla's short seller problem tesla is known for attracting a significant number of shortsellers these are investors who, bet? Against, the company right they profit when? The company's stock drops and they benefit from. Bad rumors? About the company musk? Has suggested, that going private would end which he calls? Shortsellers negative propaganda campaign but did did he intend, to do this as a test balloon so that. Stock prices would go up we can't we can't I mean if he did that that that would. Cause a lot of concern for investors and it could get him in hot water Harvey. Pay the, former head of the SEC yesterday, as he see the. Federal agency that regulates trading of stocks and bonds he spoke. On CNBC and he pointed out that, Musk's tweets could. Get him in. Trouble if he, tried to manipulate the stock so what is this whole thing. Mean for investors I mean it seems like people just. Can't look away from tesla as as investors, they're? Totally attracted to this situation well well it comes at a really pivotal time for tesla. You know they just release the model three sedan with which they hope to cross, over from being this luxury car brand to a mass market automaker and they're spending a lot of money? To achieve. It a. Lot is, at stake here and, musk has said he hopes all investors stay on board okay NPR's desma Gars makes jazz thank you The Ohio State University is dealing with multiple, athletic scandals it's football coach urban Meyer is on paid leave. While the school investigates whether he mishandled domestic violence allegations against an assistant coach in two thousand fifteen the school is also facing lawsuits tied to a former diving coach and another, set of lawsuits involving a now deceased athletic director as investigators have dug into the doctor's past they have found more than one. Hundred cases of abuse dating back to the nineteen? Seventies and, we should say it was an athletic Dr not an athletic director Nick. Evans of member station w. OSU. Has, more, Mike desalvo looks like a fighter in a black. Hoodie and, Jim short-sea curious himself like a loaded spring ready to jump back onto the mat he wrestled for Ohio State University beginning in the late, nineteen eighty s but he I met Dr Richard Strauss. Before that desalvo says Strauss was conducting a body fat study among high school athletes but Strauss. Went. A step further and did. A full Genital exam which was par for the course, from what I'd heard from cousins previously. That he was this was this was fourteen years old yes desalvo says the alleged sexual assaults continued the entire time he was at, OSU and he outlined the accusations against the former team doctor, in a lawsuit filed against the university earlier this year Since then, Ohio State, has launched an independent investigation the now. Includes athletes allegedly abused by the, doctor in fourteen different sports Strauss left the school in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight he died in two thousand five school. Officials. Refused repeated interview requests for this story and not granted. Interviews elsewhere either but at a June trustees meeting university president Michael Drake insisted students safety as their primary concern these are deeply troubling Allegations and we are committed. To get to the bottom of this and appreciative of our. Independent investigators in another lawsuit a different wrestler religious he. Complained about the doctor in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight desalvo's legal finally he contends. Strauss's behavior was widely known desalvo's claims have reached Washington, DC to, because of who was on the coaching staff at, the time Republican congressman Jim Jordan the conservative firebrand making a bid to be the next house speaker was the team's assistant. Coach in a statement last month the congressman said he never heard about any abuse yet another student at OSU Steven Snyder hill filed a complaint against the school in. Nineteen five he visited a school clinic for chest pain and says Strauss. Molested and during the exam after Strauss denied the incident a. School administrator wrote to Snyder hill telling him they'd only ever received positive comments about the doctor in a press release. The school says it quote, remains actively committed, to covering, what may have happened and what university. Leaders at the time Mhm may have known that characterization, but may have, happened frustrates Snyder hill if you've gone through this that is the most insulting language that you could use to, somebody and it, basically. Is another way in two thousand eighteen of invalidating me the same, thing that. They, didn't nineteen ninety-five and that's not fair. Anymore you can't do that I have a letter to prove that you knew OSU still has a strong pull, on Strauss's, accusers many look back fondly despite their interactions with the doctor. The Carly Smith a clinical psychologist at Penn State since when. An institution fails to protect its members from abuse the. Sense of betrayal cuts, deeper Smith says when people come forward it gets easier for others. And that means cases like these won't disappear I think, in fact, we're probably gonna continue seeing these waves of people, coming forward to report what happened to them and I think it just can be a real opportunity for the way our. Society and our, institutions handle abuse to really shift the university faces a number of lawsuits related to Strauss including two Class action cases investigators have already uncovered one hundred accounts of abuse and they expect to interview another hundred people at least for NPR news I'm Nick Athens, in Columbus Amateur saying.

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