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And company in lenox massachusetts located in berkshire county in the northwestern part of massachusetts and i hope you'll come and visit us it's about a two and a half hour drive from new york city and a two hour drive from boston so we're a great points for touring in visiting and there's so much in berkshire county to see and do and it's also the wonderful gateway if you want to go further north into for mont or west into new york state but you know if you came for weeks or months you wouldn't get to see all of berkshire county if you just stayed here and you certainly wouldn't get to be able to take advantage of all of the cultural venues and all of their offerings at name your interests music dance literature a historic homes and of course adds all of that mix all of the venues that have live performances of a variety of kinds of plays from the classical to the contemporary to the over the edge modern and then added into that the natural beauty of the region and there's a reason we live here so let let's talk a little more about shakespearean company itself this is not your normal drive down a busy street park your car.

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