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Remember that were chosen, and I don't think that that's the end all be all. I think that once those recall position petitions are filed, they're not opposed. Maybe, uh, starting some new ones. Um, but because all of us involved in all of these little ad hoc groups are just parent volunteers with lives and jobs and Children. Um, they had to keep it a little bit smaller to begin with. So I think that's why they isolated three people to begin with. And then you know, they may expand from there. And do you know the status of the recall effort as of this afternoon? I know that they are working. Actively still recall it. I mean, excuse me, but, uh, gathering signatures gathering signatures, So that's a big part gathering signatures and then Going through and verifying every single signature that they had to make Sure it is, You know, Legit. It is a legal signature is a resident within the right district within Fairfax County, a registered voter all that good stuff, So they're being very careful. Um and doing it all in, you know, volunteer hours, so outside of their regular lives outside of their regular job. Christie Hudson again on the board of directors for the newly incorporated Fairfax County Parents Association. Christie thank you very much for just standing up for the kids and for all the parents out there in Fairfax County and motivating the rest of us as we as we watch you undertake this really appreciate that, Christie. Thank you, And it's my pleasure..

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