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Brad davis radio show only on the talk of connecticut and it's twenty minutes twenty minutes before six o'clock you know just listening to that message they're about to wait and so on and so forth i about a year and a half ago i didn't have to lose very much but i wanted to get back to what i weighed when i was in the marine corps and that was one hundred and seventy seven pounds that's what i weighed and i am back to that and have been for close to two year and as i said i didn't have to lose that that that much but you would be amazed and i didn't do anything special i always have have worked out with push ups and sit ups and so forth when i first get up in the morning and i just feel feel tremendous and it's all to do with the with that with that work out and watch what you eat and you know what i find myself doing is i find myself drinking a lot of water and i don't know how many of you do that but i was reading a book about health and water came up so i i get i have about three or four glasses during the course of a morning what i'm doing my program and it just just makes you feel at just makes you feel good so you know once you once you try it once you once you try it and you feel better i don't know how many of you folks do that but i'm sure many of you still still work out i was reading about this couple of weeks ago and i said well i've been doing it and i and i feel i feel terrific i really really do.

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