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Wonderful. It's so much better than most these horrible housewives. So why would kathy hilton. Go on real housewives. Great question there seems to be hilton moment. Happening right now right. The paris has a show coming enough. Lex nikki. Just did a spread for some new york media company about her home in bellport new york valley so grades better than the hamptons north fork. It's all happening is really very beautiful. I although i don't think is bellport north work or i think bellport is. I think it's like before the forks basically it's closer. Yep it's very beautiful. I think is on the sound though i recall correctly anyway so north shore. That would be anyway and then. There's kathy hilton just on the show. And i just feel like there's like a hilton moment happening so i don't i don't know and then maybe that maybe it's for money. And maybe just because she was bored she just seems that the kind of person does. She's board do. They really need money. That i think that's what i'm asking. I don't think so. I think hile kyle and kathy had a falling out. At one point over their husbands real estate careers like the diverge and now they're they're close again. I don't know why she's doing it but it's honestly a gift is so much funnier than like anything else. That's happening real housewives of beverly hills much lighter and just like not steeped in controversy. She's just like doing her own thing. It's really funny. It's like a it's like a return to being truly rich to your point like so many of these women are trying to make a point like look how rich i am. Here's what i'm wearing. And kathy just like go fuck kathy. Hilton do paris in nicky show up or like are they on facetime like they have reference. It's high level. They talk about paris. In fact someone insults. Paris essentially and They're discussed a lot. They are not. They're not on the show yet. But i could see para showing up. I mean lives in new york so maybe less likely that she would. But i don't know it's great. I can't believe it. It's it's just a real testament to reality. Tv in the house. Is that like after all these years. Kathy hilton was shirl. Do it no. It's true that's what i'm still trying to understand. I guess. I don't know a lot about the hilton fortune. I suppose it has been a tough year for the hospitality industry. So but somehow i think they're fine So good for her for. I guess wanting to wanting some attention and getting it. Yeah i it's.

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