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Mean from their walking to alqaeda or a long beach drive and constellation park it's not it's not that far so it's such a great location beautiful westerly views from jacobson so yeah that's a that's a good one and actually from that point traffic is not that big of a deal because he'd take five oh nine or if the west seattle bridge is not clogged you can go that route but there's a lot of different ways depending on where you work at five ninety nine that's a little headed hidden gems do so it the secret scroll route awesome go about west seattle also we'll building be mad at me pretty soon they'll be signs outside walk out the door so again you know when we talk about the markets west seattle obviously the appreciation that has been phenomenal during the break we were talking actually about bellevue's well relations the property tax was going to go up how military twenty one point six percent it said steep so again you know that's just the fruits of being in a good place at the right time and and such so i mean the property tax we knew it was going to be due to some sort of increase and that's you know funnily enough that's one of the big elements when you're when you're shopping the property tax is not reflective of the price point yeah you could be looking at a house that's four hundred thousand dollars now has low property tax or you could be looking at a house at four hundred mean the property tax payment innovate self can vary enormously yeah like if you go into normandy park and you're just like across the street off over i in varian what a difference those are and then it used to be shoreline we knew on north seattle shorelines were really high for a long time while they were building their infrastructure so yeah a new construction gets you're gonna pay a lot in the probably toxin is from the lending side we tell g we have to we don't know what the assessment is we can lend us have a standard rate but we can talk more about in the next segment folks number here is.

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