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In. The news is not good. Jason Bright was expected. They have confirmed the torn knee cartilage for Raheem Mostert, which will put them on the shelf, The report says. Eight weeks what are your thoughts there? Well, it's not a ligament. It's a cartilage, but that's uh you know, that's what we figured It would be weeks, but I was hoping you'd be weeks and not months and This is one where it's both. I mean, we're talking two months. So you know Jeff Wilson Jr the meniscus injury that he has is going to be Out for several weeks. But you are going to get him back at some point. So right away, Trey sermon. He's going to be up on game day. You're going to take three running backs into a game, so It's going to be three young guys. Sermon Mitchell and John Michael Hasty. The Wayne Goldman was a calculated risk. And, uh, you know, he's a veteran guy. If he's on the roster week one you got to pay them, so they let him go figure and he could bounce back and get on the practice squad, But the Atlanta Falcons jumped all over him. So, um You've got to look at it all the available running backs as far as, uh, you know, practice squad because you're not going to be able to To get anybody. I mean, you could make a trade to get somebody, Uh, Baltimore just went through all these different injuries. Uh, so they know they've signed quite a few, including the train, Latavius Murray, you know they have activated Levian Bell. Um, So those were a couple of streets, guys that are available. Uh, I mean, there are a couple of names out there that are big time players and you are looking at I would think of veteran player because you're so young. So, you know, do you want to get in the child girly business? Adrian Peterson. Is out there as well. Gurley would clearly fit the scheme here. Uh, he's you know, He was the best player in pro football when the Rams ran their way to the Super Bowl. Just a few years ago, the signature play in pro football was the outside zone left Todd Gurley. Behind Whitworth and Saffold and Sullivan and that offensive line. Then he wasn't as strong. I thought he played better last year. I think it's a financial Component there. Um, and they just did rework Jimmy awards contracts, so they have a little bit of money. Uh, but, you know, these guys are not going to come in, uh, wouldn't think for the veteran minimum, you know, maybe all day, Adrian. But he's a different kind of back, but he's a great jump cutter. Who would work here? I mean, it's up to Bobby Turner. But I think you probably have to go out and get a veteran guy. I mean, the very least you gotta sign a couple of guys, maybe to the practice squad. To have some buffer because backs get hurt. You may lose bags. Um, and right away. I think for this game and particular, you know Philadelphia, you'd go into the game sermon would be up with Mitchell and hasty because they know your system. And then you got the ready, listed running back and Adam Peters is working the phones right now, and there are other names. Probably. We're not thinking of you could sign somebody off of practice squad. Right away. I have to go through all the teams in their practice squad, but as far as veteran guys if you wanted to Because they both do know the scheme and can run the outside zone and up gaps. Game and inside zone as well would be two of the most accomplished players that have ever played Todd Gurley and Adrian Peterson. That'll be up to Bobby Turner and whether or not they fit in the running back room. Yeah, I think it's tough with running backs is once they hit their expiration date, and I know that people are you know, I haven't even looked at the text line, but I know people going to say Frank Gorman. He's 38 years old. And you know it. It just It happens very fast. Just off the top of my head because they're so young in the in the in the running back room, I think maybe they bring in a vet just Just in case because I like hasty, you know, like Mitchell and sermons got to get a little bit better. He's gonna hit the whole faster like we've been talking about, but that's a really, really young running back room, and Joe Staley joined us a bit earlier and was saying the transition that part that's tough to the NFL is. You've got to try to To attach yourself to a mentor. So who in the running back room and I dont Bobby Turner's a great coach, but who in that running back room can be a mentor? Is there somebody out there that Kyle has a connection to or the organization does. He knows the system can pick it up? And maybe that player is not going to play a ton. That's where the veteran practice squad thing comes in. But I think that they need to go with the veteran route just to get somebody in that room. That's been there done that so they can talk to these young guys because that's three really young backs that you're now relying on They just need a body. They need a body, so they're going to sign someone's going to get signed right away to the practice squad. There's no doubt you may you may sign too. But you need a body..

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