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Of these other players like Christian Turner for example had well he was starting running back in the peach bowl but he's technically a redshirt freshman but the question we're tackling here is which redshirt freshman I don't remember if I said most excited or will have the biggest impact but will it will have the biggest breakout season and why I I'll let you guys calibrating and come up with your answer while I go over some of the key candidates jail may feel talked about him could be the starting right tackle Jim Turner talked about him he could be the starting running back Hammond my grown as a as a big fan of him could be could emerge as a linebacker well he is a linebacker a starting linebacker Vincent gray seems to be likely to be the starting cornerback if every Thomas does not return and take the job could there be players on the defensive line you know die a Julius well Shaath type there could be well who else I think enough when Taylor upshot it was a project last year but maybe he's ready to yeah they they I mean a lot of these recruits and and you and Steve and everyone else who covers are cream I talked to when it was clear that they couldn't sell starting spots to a lot of recruits and they weren't necessarily gonna get the top fifty heavy hitters it seemed like they chose guys that they can develop in Joh Milton is a good example of that they can't say he's gonna start the next well they still can't say is that gonna start the next two or three years but he's someone that they think if he can reach the ceiling he can really really really be something special in July as well south to good example someone that they're thinking well if you can fill in your frame you can do this so is another damn really high on after watching him doing drills before he got his offer okay with that he was there was no drop well there was a drop of between Rashan Gary the Julie as well shop and the drill but like he was coming in you know Carlo camp was still you know a tweener at that time and like what Carlo camp in of Louisa lane and Julius well shop it in quite nicely that that was at the camp couple years ago because the team is the only defensive line I thank you looks pretty ready in the spring game for sure hard to gauge too much okay so redshirt freshman anyone want to go first I came in have an answer I can go all right like you said on the high end camera grown it was hard to not go with Christian Turner because I think ill we start out the years as the starter I think a lot of getting the not over true but I think I am a grown is going to be a guy that throughout the season you might not you might not while you in weeks one or two but I think we as the season wears on you're gonna hear his name more and more guess you'll see once you'll start getting into the rotation he'll definitely I think be a part of the rotation I think he has the skill set and the ability to come in and really assert himself I think he has the sideline to sideline speed because I've seen it first hand comparable to Devin bush I think even though he doesn't get that type of hype because he played in Indianapolis but the I rated it higher rated the bush was bush was three twelve from a grown is one nineteen in the composite man and five star by twenty four seven actually too so has that type of capability to be able to come in and and and you know is rated that by twenty four seven for price their rankings is the number one outside linebacker question is it gonna be outside is gonna be inside where is he going to pull through and I think that will be figured out during fall camp as if he's behind both Josh Ross and Jordyn Anthony then that would be the copy out you know with or Z. behind Devin Gil and Jordan glass go but I think that he was a guy that's going to be able to rise up that depth chart no matter where you put in and I think he's gonna be able to make an impact injury kept him off the field last year I think he would have been a guy that would have been able to cross training we would've seen last year but he didn't he didn't dress until halfway through the year I at that point they're saying well yeah your red shirting exactly so other candidates for those that are curious about the list your mind green safety has signed Haskins who talked about him look shoemaker talked about him they're both at running back Michael Barrett whose plane back up viper Vinson grace we said Julie swell shop been banned Sumer in talked about him so I Lucien makes that running back I got him in red simmering confused what's up Muhammad yet mentioned area yep yep I'm working up the list saying if Austin Taylor upshot Christian Turner Jim on green Ryan Hey stealing may feel Joh Milton Mustafa Muhammad in an obviously my ground Andrew I'm gonna go with Christian Turner just because I think it's first all the definitely the one I think that Michigan fans will notice the most as far as offense of line right it'll be more visible yeah sure and then secondly I think that we're talking a little bit in the break that running the ball to me actually massive for Michigan and if they can run the ball on when when they need to especially in the right situation when I'm actually make a gimmicky and they're losing chronic then who was full of a call for them last had a big role for them so I think it's definitely an important position to fill yeah yeah I I agree and for those curious Christian Turner scouting like when people go and say what is traits were in high school it looks very similar to chronic then and and Michigan parent Lee from some sources twenty four seven have said that yeah crimes kind of the the prototype for him and I think that your crown had a quiet freshman season and then started to show he can do as a sophomore so I'm certainly certainly a good candidates best if you can win out the starting job in turn drew you got one yeah I was gonna go if jail in Mayfield okay I was saying about Christian Turner but my feeling on the running back position is that like all three of those guys with truth and it's actually been our all going to get similar mounted touches and I am I am a fan is that Sharma now I think I'd be awesome if if he broke through and so I just think from everything I'm hearing June may feel it is is an extremely talented offense of linemen guys even hang out in this room too much is very athletic and and his his goal is always to get up his size of the three seventeen now I'm I mean that's the game in like fifty pounds in eighteen months looks completely different than he does he okay okay I mean that's I mean and that's that's a good fifty pounds nine I mean he was always he was always someone that they want to bulk up because he was he's athletic maybe a little undersized but that's the new formula that's the new approach to how they get the most out or get the most impactful offense of linemen do you have more you want to add well I like how many games is to actually play in I hate it when he started to okay so I just think like that kind of experience argument like that's not a ton of experience that he has over yes somebody it's not in it's not like he was starting last year and there's this recruit trying to knock him out right right I know there are of games both fighting brain for new roles Midler got one I think it's probably gonna be Christian Turner I mean it's it's one of those things where the running back position is kind of the dumbest open door it you know he is going to be probably one of the more competitive position bad you know positions on the offense is I the ball that's gonna come up this is you know going into the season and give me your sense we just kind of throw a dart against a wall you know against the jamb board of player names and they okay who's gonna be okay can be Germany could be Christian Turner could be you know Ronnie belt who knows maybe I'll throw my saner still and you know kind of one of those things I think I mean he's got I think enough experience in the backfield where he could be probably one more break out backs if when the running game gets cake then so that's why we go CT yeah yeah I think he's gonna have the most visible one do one I do want to acknowledge me Vincent gray sounds like somebody who's going to emerge as as as something you know Jim on green and Warner back as well one time of that too with with not knowing the the extent of Ambriz situation could become visible I think I'm actually gonna go well I'm gonna go Turner because that's a safe pick but jailing may feel I think is is the person I think he has that potential to be the big break stupid I'll just go to jail in Mayfield technically could also go Lucia lane he's got as medical and then redshirted in the officially as a medical as far as I know okay certainly should so could go through evil and I'm gonna go with may field I'm withdrew I probably influenced through a lot this summer about it I think he's gonna be that and he's gonna be Michigan's Nexstar tackle and and I think I think you start to see some of that this year couple other names I think they're worth acknowledging the stuff Muhammad yes I'm accuse locking down the tight end position of Muhammad some of the can do a lot of different things in Michigan's Michigan's offense I know people wonder how the tight ends will be used I wonder how the Titans will be used but I think he's someone that could it could make an ascension and then get US does say big speed the space yeah I think I think a few of the other guys you need an extra year Mike there it probably is more of a next year yes you maker well shot off I think those are your three players but anyway let's get a break on the other side will close up and we'll talk about your freshman inside the huddle sports talk ten fifty Debbie to get a ticket we're here at circle K..

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