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Help keep inflammation and a healthy normal range and the operate flex. I understand that most people listening are not, you know, they don't make a career of the specifics of extraction and all the technology. Behind this. But basically a tremendous amount of science goes into making novel extracts, and this is actually a combination of a few different boss. Well, yeah, extracts that are done to very specific parameters. And we do see in human clinical studies with people with joint discomfort bet for many of them. There's relief, and you know, significant improvement in just seven days. So we believe that a lot of people are turning to CBD products of all different kinds for joint comfort and for just feeling better overall. And so we really felt that we could deliver better on that promise by making sure that we had a hundred milligrams of this operate flex in every daily amounts. You don't having said that you just brought up an interesting question. What can these CBD's super formula capsules with the plant? Based fight all kind of annoyed rich hemp oil blended with the KFI AM sixty six Oshawa Gonda. How did they support our nervous system? Well, okay. This is this is fascinating. With regard to the KFI AM six six Gonda, we see very significant benefits to cognitive function to overall mental function. And that means that good things are going on in the brain relative to bring efficiency, and that affects the entire nervous system. And additionally with tumor, we see that it actually causes our bodies to produce what we call neuro protective factors that is our own internal compounds that actually physically protect our nerves from premature damage so in in many different ways, this really is significant nervous system. Support in the nervous system is our central switching and signaling system for everything. We do to stay alive Chris super formula. I know this can be very helpful people out there listening who want to support healthy, restful, sleep. And we know that a healthy restful sleep is a key part of these big benefits that we're talking about today, the stress the mood the joints muscles. But but let's not forget about our sleep. Right. I mean, sleep quality is is absolutely. That's that's the biggest benefit we have in our lives. Right. I think that that is sort of the less sung heroic dimension of this formula. Steve actually, the majority of adults. We know from endless studies have been done either. Don't get enough sleep. They don't get a deeply restful sleep. You know, they sleep and they wake up I mean, every sleep disorder that can happen happens out there and basically with the KSCM sixty six Oshawa gone, which is clinically in human studies to promote a really deep nourishing profound. Restful night's sleep. And also, the rich soil one of the primary reasons that people take CBD supplements.

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