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Yes to those of you who emailed me and got a hold of me and social media say, hey, rate where you're listening to John Christine show for the last couple of hours poor Cy was. And of course, we'll be getting into that very same subject shortly on that one is just infuriated me. But other than that, are you last night? President Trump threw his hat officially into the ring for re-election, you know, this, and what was that in front of like the entire population of Orlando that crowd was like terrifyingly, large, not does that crowd is telling you anything anything at all. I mean it should. And in the last twenty four hour period, thanks him. Major part of that gathering last night in Orlando. His campaign raised twenty four point eight million dollars. Yeah, it's a record breaker smashing. Any previous effort in twenty four hours had forty in the Bank? We talked about that yesterday combined with the. RNC cash. That's a total of eighty two million dollars. Now he had twenty five million dollars to that, and it's very early in the season, Katie bar. The door people speak with their votes, they speak with our mommy, and though it is early that cash out of voice today, it would be that, that money would be definite. And of course, following up to what was said last night by the president. We have to have heard from the old white men, and we did I Joe Biden demanded credit for the Trump economy. He demanded credit for the Trump economy. This was during the rally, you know, Biden, one of the world to know but Trump inherited the great economy from the Obama, quote, the Obama Biden administration. That's the first time I've ever heard it referred to as the Obama Biden administration..

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