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We have our own culture that's what we always keep free state well the to do our part don't mess with Texas I'm meteorologist Brad Martin thank you dense fog ending at daybreak and then mostly cloudy the rest of the day with a high near seventy four this afternoon lights out wins loner forty eight with a cold front tonight and tomorrow looks radiant cool with a high near fifty and more rain and thunderstorms on Friday with a high near sixty and during cooler this weekend on KLIF WBAP meteorologist Brad Martin still a little foggy out there and seventy one degrees in Dallas they all I have to use time is eight oh six of Forrest hill police officer was shot early this morning man who shot him reportedly then stole his squad car and led pursuing officers on a chase in fort worth where he crashed and has been killed this is a still developing story click novel is on it the officer was involved in the shooting and shot near a seven eleven and shell gas station in the city of or still there's been a chase as the suspect allegedly jumped into the police vehicle and took off war war war we are just south of downtown fort worth at riverside in thirty eight and he apparently crashed out on the two eighty seven cross over that two eighty seven bridges completely closed off at this point that's where the chase came to an end and that person in the vehicle who led police on a chase has been shot and killed now whether or not he was shot and then crashed or crashed in men shot those details haven't been released yet the officer taking to JPL cops bill so what we have is one person involved in a chase killed and the officer taking the GPS hospital condition isn't clear at this point and we'll continue bring you updates template Nevil throughout the morning in fact we're gonna join him again live at eight forty this morning with the articles of impeachment likely coming from the U. S. house today full attention will be turning now to president trump's try senator John Cornyn of Texas discuss the upcoming trial and W. B. A. P. is Rick Roberts.

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