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And I appreciate the number of tweets have received this morning from people who've been longtime listeners of the show and nobody ever sounded like nanna land because she had that thick savannah accent. And the best part of when we want she listened to radio show. But when we started doing TV in the fall, she became obsessed with our hair and our look. Doc, and what exactly was that? We said when we said it, and I would come back to my house to the answer machine. And this is the ala have voicemails and messages left from from from now Lynn, and here's an example of that. When she she had a question she wanted to make sure that I knew what to do with my makeup wants to show our way. I was call you last night to tell you to be sure to wash your face. You get all that make up over you face. But I love this year last night. It was a great show. And I know everybody else loved it too. But I will probably try to anyway, just to make all when you get it bans. That's our United. I love that Kojak gets really was is really sweet NICKY. But okay United. The will must must've. That's greatest message. I've ever heard my life. Well, after every show, this mess is our gift from a mother in law and include is we're about we take that was after our first show. We I went on television last fall. And then she grew up Savannah, Georgia as a teenager would ride with the family who keeps the others would ride from savannah of to Athens road in the back seat with other in her lap for at least one game. So she grew up Georgia fan, she became a Tennessee fan because they lived in Knoxville, and then became a Kentucky football fan for no reason other than she watched this show when we will television fall, and we had coach stoops on. And she thought he was the greatest guy ever. So as a Georgia fan after the LSU game. This is the voice mail that I had. Horrible football game. I watched today door to Florida LSU, and they looked horrible. But anyway, I just saw pigging at and then also I think it seemed one today and then fraud today too. So that's a good sign, and I'm gonna what he did. But anyway, I just called you that On on the the air. arrogance because I know you didn't know about it. Okay, baby. I love you. Thirty latest. But these are the everyday voicemails that I will have particular after we did the show and she wanted to make sure that you and I need to take a makeup off. And she was particularly szeswith your hair get that make up off make sure you wash it face. So when we have always done a show in mardi will say mardi McGee. Like, how do you say it Madi that was for Nantel in nanna Lynn shout out the alleged legendary we appreciate the kind words as always. And as you know, as I told you to health wasn't great over the last couple of months, but she's free of that pain now, and and she will live forever on this show. And I appreciate you Bryson Anna and the greatest southern accent that anybody's ever had and hers was for real as opposed to ours, which people continue to tell me is fake Madi. Mahdi? What about girl the, but? Yeah. Can you imagine? Like, she told me, and it was funny. She tell you stories I got an owner for ever decade and a half and one day. She was like, you know, I wrote I did a story a couple years ago for UCLA magazine with all the Matt live mascots Ramesses, North Carolina ralphie the buffalo say, yeah. Ramos sees thought it was. Ramsey's ramseys. I don't know. If you add it to me, I always call for your EMMY. That's right. From you got that. I'll that I'll buy one get mad which autos got sounds like something that's going to be making my breakfast in about ten years. He got burrito. Yeah. I drove down to Disney's e park last time beers around the world to the arts festival to got. Mandalay when mission, but the yeah. But she can you imagine..

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