Real Estate, Four Hundred Thousand Dollars, Fifteen Percent discussed on The Dave Ramsey Show - #8922: When Should Naomi Start Estate Planning? (Hour 1)


What's the call four hundred thousand dollars in assets um so our goal is like i said to live off my income more thinking either shoe um myth choose things that were thinking about doing i'm selling our house and buying a do flax so that we can kind of live in that do slacks and have somebody else paying are rent for us um while he's getting off with the real estate and then the second choice would be for me to lower the amount of money then putting in your mind forty stock purchase plan and for one k two or a week i mean we could you both for if you have any other suggestions movie mirrored or would mo moves okay and oedema maroon through mixed door a newly mary your new baby the numeric in a new career for him enough already unless new are ready okay i need some things that you can count on in the that that that address where you live will do just fine for a little while serb shells no the it's okay to own a duplex and heavy renner next door the good news is renters next door the bad news is reyners next door here and uh so in you know it's not always cut out to be uh so no i would not do that right now you have enough change going on in your life i would just just chill on just ride this thing out just 'less get his career going us make as calm as possible and how much noticed the you have to give to jump in our out of your employees stock purchase or your aren't k paul ince i can get out tomorrow stock purchase plan um if any sixmonth period the thing is i have that's an amazing fact purchase plan on any oh no i i promise you i serious team for some off what we got is fifteen percent off.

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